Monday, June 29, 2015

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I don't know why I'm so late with this since I watched the last episode a while ago, but here it is. Sorry for the lateness.

S3 E3
The best story of the night go to the adults, Stef and Lena. I feel bad for Lena about the position Monte put her in, but is it wrong for me to root for Lena and Monte? I like Stef and Lena too. I don't know, I just can't decide. Thank God I'm not Lena. I don't think Lena should tell Stef. It would only do more harm than good and she didn't kiss her back anyway so she didn't even cheat on Stef. BTW, isn't their friend a hoot. She should be on the show more often.

Brandon automatically didn't like AJ and I think I know the reason why. I think he's not used to sharing his father. He had to share his mother with all his other siblings, but Mike was only his and I don't think he likes the idea of sharing Mike. Sidenote: Where the hell does Brandon work?

Callie didn't like the idea of AJ being around especially since he was the reason she was fired, but in a way she sorta like him--always trying to reconnect with his sibling--and she can't fault him for that. At least, she came up with a great app idea for her project so she can graduate on time. Now she can tell her moms she was fired.

Mariana is not only going to help out her birth family's cupcake business, but also Callie's project. Girl is business savvy. And do I detect some flirtation between her and Wyatt? She may be business savvy, but she isn't relationship savvy.

As for Jude, he was dealing with his fears of guns. I have a fear of guns. There is nothing wrong with that. I'm glad the show took this route and showed that guns are dangerous and it can be very dramatic at any age. In the end, Connor and Jude both realized that what happened the night of the gun shot isn't so easy to get over.

AJ was caught red handed with the signed baseball. He was probably going to sell it to get money, but I could be wrong. We'll find out tonight.

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