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While usually I would be watching Penny Dreadful on Sunday nights and waiting until next Sunday to write, this time I'm doing things a little differently. IT'S THE FINALS!!!!! USA vs. Japan. We beat them in the Olympics and they beat us last World Cup so there is revenge on both sides if you think about it. *I feel really bad for England, especially the girl, who scored on her own team. EVERYONE ease up off of her and give her a break. It could have happened to anyone.* GO USA, with that said, onto the recap.

S2 E9
The show starts off with Ethan's stalker finding him. I don't remember if he was planning on killing him or if he was still planning to take him to the US, but it doesn't matter since he dies by multiple stabbings. We got the point Vanessa. Damn, how many times can you miss the heart?
Anyway, you didn't really see that much of Sir Malcolm since he was still seeing dead people, but Victor makes his way to Vanessa and Ethan to tell him the news of Sir Malcolm being held in the witches' house. Vanessa and Ethan go back at once and it turns out Ethan has another admirer waiting for him. The inspector is getting quite annoying. We get, you're watching him like a hawk, yadda, yadda, yadda. He tells Ethan that his files are being sent over and he can't wait to read them. Seems like the man doesn't know what the art of surprise is.

Lyle confess that he's been working for Mrs. Poole this whole time and no one really gives a shit because who are they to judge. Vanessa is as impatient as Sir Malcolm is. Is he her real father? She wants to go save him ASAP. Unfortunately for them, it's a full moon and we all know what that means for Ethan. I get that Vanessa wants to go save Sir Malcolm, but why the hell couldn't she at least way until day time like everyone suggested? Vanessa is usually smart about these things. It's unlike her to act in such a dangerous manner. Before she did something stupid, she has a heart to heart with Victor about his whore of a cousin Lily and how she broke his heart (and might possibly his limbs if he ever does go home). Damn it Eva Green, in that moment she made me root for Vanessa and Victor. I seriously think Vanessa can get with anyone at this moment, but my heart still wants Ethan and Vanessa.

After Vanessa goes to the witches' house, the guys go after and all of them get caught. What great heroes we have. My friend says that Lyle is dead, but I'm not so sure after watching. I really don't want him to be dead because he's my comic relief. Victor is now in the crazy room with Sir Malcolm, and Sembene is being eaten by werewolf Ethan. I'm pretty sure Sembene is dead unless he has some mysterious gift we don't know about. My friend is upset they killed him because he was the only character left that still needed to be developed. I made my friend tell me who was going to die before I watched the episode and at first she was hesitant to tell me, but I told her as long as it's not Vanessa, Ethan, or Lyle, I would be good. She made a face with Lyle and I was like NOOOOOO!!! After watching his scene, I'm not convinced he's dead. Might I be in denial? Maybe, but until I see that dead body, I'm going to remain in denial. We all know the rule in TV. If you didn't see the body, they ain't dead.

As for what's happening on the side, John Clare is locked up and they won't let him out (song by Akon). I never thought I would say this, but that blind girl is a bitch and I would totally want to knock her lights out if she wasn't in the dark already, if you know what I mean. First blind bitch I've ever seen on TV. Lily and Dorian, I'm guessing, were just sexing the whole time, but what else is new for Dorian Gray? Lily and Dorian came clean about their abilities. I'm surprised Dorian didn't try to kill Lily. Maybe he thought she's already dead so what's the point. Still confused on whether Lily knows about her Brona life. Also, the defiant "daughter" of Mrs. Poole paid Ethan a visit and basically told him she would side with him because he's destined for greatness. Well isn't she just so loyal? She also told him that he's the wolf of God so now he knows his purpose.

I can't believe the season finale is already here. The season finale is tonight so make sure you catch it for me. They have already been renewed for season 3 so you don't have to worry about if it's coming back; however, it will only be 9 episodes next year (1 less than this season). I hope it's because they don't need the extra episode and not because they want to reduce cost. Make sure you check back here later in the week to catch the season finale review.

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