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S3 E4
Lena had to deal with her parents and her half brother coming to town and all she was looking forward to was her brother apologizing for saying the N-word to her mother 20 years ago. Her brother decided to bring his latest girlfriend and it turns out that she's black as well. Lena still wants an apology and even though the N-word wasn't directed towards her, the N-word affects all black people when said. When the brother was confronted with Lena and her mother both asking for an apology, the brother doesn't recall him ever saying it and doesn't apologize. Lena's father then asks his son to leave and brother is once again not welcomed in their lives. I really don't understand why he couldn't apologize. I mean, even if he doesn't remember him saying, apologize anyway. Just say, "I don't remember saying, but if I did, I apologize for hurting you with such a hateful word." The fact that he couldn't even do that made me hate him more. Maybe on the way back to his home, his girlfriend can explain it to him. This was a really great story-line for those, who don't no the effect that word has on other people. Those who use it with a loose tongue, don't know the true hatred of the word.

At first, I thought Brandon was being an idiot when he copied Bach, so I was relieved when I realized he did it to prove a point of how his partner was unwilling to work with him. Too bad he ended up being kicked out. I can understand no one wanting to work with the bitch, but Brandon hasn't done anything wrong. He wasn't even given a chance to prove himself.

Callie and Jude both end up going to a gay prom. Callie with a guy who is now post-op and Jude with his boyfriend Connor. Callie only went because the guy (can't remember his name and don' care to) said he was going solo, but AJ had to break it down for her that the guy saw it as a date. I'm going to let you guys know, I kind of hate that guy. Didn't like him when Callie was there with him at that foster daycare house and still don't like him now. Let's be honest here, kid was a dick to Callie. I'm surprised that she wants to be friends with him. Anyway, when the guy went in for a kiss, he got rejected. He thought it was because Callie still saw him as a girl, but it was really because Callie only saw him as a friend. Jude still wanted to rock the no labels, but Callie's date told him something that even I didn't think of--labels can empower as well. After their little talk, Jude had no problem voicing his gay love for Connor.

Mariana got a surprise visit from Mat. Man drove 9 hours to get laid, but Mariana still feels guilty for giving her virginity away to Wyatt. She ended up not telling him about Wyatt, but instead, yelled at him for going on tour longer and only coming back to get laid and leave again. Mat and Mariana are no longer. I wish she told him the truth. Eventually, he's going to find out.

I really want to give a shoutout to ABC Family for showing the post-op of a transgendered man in a bathing suit. Back when I was growing up (in the 90s), I don't think they would have been allowed to show it and if they did, it would have been a hot topic the next day. So big up to ABC Family for tackling the trans topic. I should really check out their trans show, but I didn't hear goo things about it when ir premiered, I'll wait and see.

Anyway, I'll end this recap with what I'm hearing about tonight's episode. I hear Callie and Brandon will go on a trip together. After watching last week's episode, you would think Callie and AJ would be getting closer since AJ admitted he was jealous of Callie saying yes to her prom date. I prefer Callie and AJ remain friends. Wyatt isn't really there (since he's been playing Max on another show) and I enjoy seeing Callie and AJ hangout as friends. If I had to choose between AJ and Brandon, I'll choose Brandon, no matter how random this trip may feel. Callie was the only one Brandon told about being kicked out of camp and I feel like their romance was never finished. We'll see what happens tonight.

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P.S. If you were wondering why they recast the grandfather, here's why.
P.P.S. Lorraine Toussaint, I love you!

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