Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Hey People,

S2 E3
The biggest thing that happened last week was Ahmed cutting his hair. He looks so much better though. I guess you could say the bomb was a big deal, but I didn't think it was because we knew it was going to happen last episode. I was more shocked that Jamal was shocked about the chemical weapons being deployed. Don't get me wrong, I like watching this show I just want more to happen each episode. There really hasn't been that much happening. The pace needs to be faster. I want more!

Barry is faking his identity to a family that is helping him out. I like the father. He is a good man; however, I hate that he has 2 wives. Ugh!

I wish we had more Emma than Sam. Sam received $100 million from a trust fund. Ugh! I still don't see why the show spends so much time with them. The whole religion thing with Molly was unnecessary, but it did give a nice montage at the end with everyone praying.

Leila is the biggest female mystery to me on TV. One minute, I think she's evil and the next, I think she has a heart. She doesn't want Jamal to be like his father and didn't want to believe what she knew would be true that he was covering up the chemical attack. I bet she's missing Barry right now.

The resistance are weak for now, but they are not out.

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