Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Okay so it's been awhile since I wrote a post and it's been 2 weeks since we had one from Power and that's because Power wasn't new last week, but it will be tonight. Sadly, I didn't get to see tonight's episode; however, we can do what we always do and recap the last episode.

S2 E4
Jamie got kicked out of the house because Tasha found out he was still seeing Angela. This man has a lot to be worried about. His marriage is in the crapper, he still doesn't have his club back, he can't move the drug money fast enough, and he just figured out Kanan was behind the hit on him. At least he's close to buying back his club, but I bet tonight something will damper his prospect.

Angela is back on the team at work and now the team knows about Jamie. We'll probably see them talk to Jamie tonight like they did with Holly last time. Holly is all kinds of trouble and woman can talk. Jamie tried to pay her off to go away, but she didn't go away fast enough. I doubt she would have broken up with Tommy anyway. Now that the FEDs are on her, she ain't going nowhere.

Tasha finally admitted her feelings for Shawn and although I'm not a huge fan of those 2, at least it's finally out there and the Tasha mind tricks can end. I hate how Shawn used LaKeisha though that wasn't cool, but Keisha isn't stupid so she knew Shawn still had feelings for Tasha, so I'm not too mad at him. I'm just glad there wasn't a fight between Keisha and Tasha over him and they remained friends even after LaKeisha admitted sleeping with Shawn. I hope ShaKeisha isn't over just yet. I have faith.

Not much happened with Tommy other than him buying a puppy for Holly and the show showing us he's really controlling and jealous in a relationship. Also, he's way too trusting of Kanan. Jamie gave Kanan some corners to work and Kanan is going to use this opportunity to get control of his empire again. Do remember what he did to that guy just because he didn't like him? Brutal!

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