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S3 E1
The Blacklist returned better than ever with Red and Liz on the run. In the end, Red made it out of the city, but Liz had to be creative. She went to the Russian embassy and claimed to be her mother, a Russian spy, asking for diplomatic immunity.

There have been some complaints about Ressler and how he's handling the situation with Keen. I think most people are forgetting that Ressler feels responsible for what Liz did after letting her go. In his mind, the only way to correct his mistake is to catch Keen. He's a by the book kind of guy, but his conversation with Red about Liz may be hinting at feelings Ressler may have for Keen. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Let's not forget Harold and his wife that will not be charged with anything. Does that mean Harold can have his job? I don't see how, but you never know with this show.

As for Dembe, man could have his own TV show since he was totally separated from everyone else. We find out Dembe has a daughter and the most beautiful granddaughter ever. It's totally messed up that the kidnappers gave his grandbaby a toxin that could kill her in 3 weeks if Dembe doesn't do what they say. It's just really fucked up. Seems like The Cabal isn't done fucking people over just yet.

P.S. Wasn't it just foul how Red gave up the Asian guy's name after he helped him out. I know it's what Red does and I wonder if it will still continue now that Liz is on The Blacklist herself now, but it was so not cool.
P.P.S. The way Ressler shot the guy holding Samar didn't even blink.

S1 E2
Nice to see Joseph Sikora (Tommy in Power) in The Player still playing as the bad guy. He turns out to be an old buddy of Alex's from the military days except unlike Alex he didn't have anyone to pull him out of his darkness like Ginny did for Alex. There was some great action like always. I mean, they jumped out of a plane together. You don't see that too often. I get why some people compared this to Human Target because it has that adventurous side to it.

Alex had a DNA test done on Ginny and it came back a match, but he still doesn't believe Ginny is dead and neither does the pit boss. So why did he kill the only lead they had? Something tells me he had something to do with Ginny's disappearance, but he doesn't care much for Alex so it's not like he has bigger plans for him. I don't know we'll just have to wait and see.

We got to know a little bit more about Cassandrea. We know she has a boyfriend, which was a surprise to me because I thought she would start falling for Alex. She seems to care enough to want him to win in some way. But it doesn't mean it still can't happen. Why do I get the feeling that she is just as much as a prisoner in this game as Alex is.

Anyway, I'm still worried about this show because the ratings didn't improve even with the premiere of The Blacklist (not like that show was doing great things before, but still...) The only good thing is that viewership only dropped 100,000. I hope that this show can wrap it up with 13 episodes because it looks like it'll have to.

S2 E2
Okay well that didn't end like how I expected it to. Let's start from the top. Annalise was called as a witness or maybe I should say a hostile witness in Nate's pre-trial. Annalise blamed Nate for her husband's death and that left Eve no choice but to point the blame back at Annalise. Things got a little personal at pre-trial. What they say is true--lawyers make the worse witnesses. Annalise was actually quite hurt that Eve got so personal and I was shocked that Annalise was hurt. I'm sorry. I just have a hard time witnessing Annalise show emotions. I mean, most of the time I think she's doing it because she's manipulating someone to do her bidding, but she has nothing to gain by doing it to Eve at that point so I was just confused. Eve let it out that she is still in love with Annalise, which is why she went so hard on her (as payback for leaving her for her dead husband) and Annalise tells Eve that she's the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to her. That's probably because she hasn't corrupted Eve enough yet. They get it on one last time before Eve leaves asking for Annalise to think about following her back to New York. Once again, I'm shocked. I'm shocked this ended on a good note. Eve brings out the good side of Annalise. Yes, Nate was there to see their final kiss so shit is going to hit next episode, but I was thinking that Eve would end up dead like that prosecutor lady that no one likes, not even the viewers. Chick is really annoying.

So Nate won't be prosecuted which was a good call by the judge because the prosecutor lacked the evidence and really didn't know who to pin the murder on. Since the case is over before it started, the unlikable prosecutor is now moving onto another case, the adopted children who murdered their parents, where the unlikable prosecutor will end up dead right outside the adopted children's house. Turns out in 2 months time, Annalise will be bleeding on the floor, Connor will be trying to stop her from bleeding out claiming it always Annalise's fault, Wes will be running away from the house only to run back into the house with the rest of the group solely to get Connor to leave Annalise before the cops show up, and the unlikable prosecutor will be dead outside. Oh this may be crazier than their 1st "murder". Hell, this might actually be a murder this time. I doubt Annalise will bleed out to death so we can rule Annalise dying out. I still don't have a clear theory on who shot Annalise or who killed the unlikable prosecutor, but I do think this time around Asher will be involved. They can't keep him the guy who never gets hungover in The Hangover forever. It's time he becomes part of the group even if he's an idiot who let it slip that Oliver was HIV positive right in his face. Acting like Oliver was going to die. Oliver contracted HIV because he wanted to get over Connor and now Connor blames himself for it.

In other news, Michaela probably went out with Eggs 911 which is probably why he wanted to check her phone since it's been established, to us viewers, that he knew Rebecca because of a photo Wes found they were both in. A few have mentioned how close Michaela and Connor have gotten and that they really are enjoying them together. I must say I agree wholeheartedly. If Connor wasn't gay, I would totally ship them, but then again, that hasn't stopped Michaela before so I say go for it. They seemed really close in the flashforward in the way Michaela calmed Connor down. In the last flashforward both of them were spazing, but in this one it's just Connor. Seems like Michaela is starting to get used to it all.

Frank wants Laurel to stop thinking of him as a gigolo and start thinking of him as boyfriend material. Okay, whatever you say Frank. Bonnie admits that killing Rebecca was all for Annalise and her way of thanking her for saving her from whatever. This girl is more twisted than I first thought. Annalise said that Bonnie being around her has only made her worse. All I have to say is that the Bonnie theory is starting to seem more plausible by the minute. But I'm still conflicted if I should root for Bonnie and Asher. I still think they're cute together, but that bitch is still psycho and Asher is still in a tough spot with the unlikable prosecutor since his job isn't over just yet since unlikable prosecutor will be going up against Annalise in the siblings' case, which just makes me think that Asher did kill the unlikable prosecutor. I think I just created my 1st theory of the season.

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