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S6 E7
This is some bullshit. Glenn should be dead. I'm sorry but I just call bullshit on this storyline. TWO people fall on the ground and they only attack one. REALLY? You know as well as I know that's some bullshit and they put Steven Yeun's name back in the opening just to prove how shitty they truly are. With that all said, welcome Glenn! I missed you. Is it still wrong of me to wish that he still dies by the end of the season? I know I'm twisted.

Rick is starting to become super annoying to me. I mean Carol has always been annoying to me and she's always the first person I think when I want someone to die, but Rick is slowly turning into my #2 guy for that position. Rick doesn't trust anyone outside of his group and he doesn't feel like their life is worth the same as theirs, but his actions speak louder than his words since he saved the senator's son. I like how Morgan broke it down for all of them. All life is precious because who is he to judge when he was just as crazy as the wolves people when Rick met up with him again for the 2nd time. People do change and you need to have faith in that because who knows, they might save your ass down the road, like Morgan did Daryl. Don't listen to Carol, Rick, listen to Morgan, Michonne, and Tara.

Speaking of Tara, she is slowly starting to become one of my favorites. The fuck you she gave Rick was a perfect response to Rick hollering at her for putting her life at risk to save the senator's son. At least, Spencer tried to make his way to the truck. I love how Spencer needed to have Rick's permission before attempting. Yea, like you ask their permission before attempting half of the stuff you do Rick. Don't get it twisted Rick, this isn't your town as much as you want to be. He needs to start acting like he is one of the people before he starts thinking it's all his.

So now that we know Glenn is alive he starts making his way back to town and runs into Enid along the way. He vows to take her back with him and when they finally get there, they see all the Walkers surrounding the place. Luckily, they have balloons to send a signal to the others.

Rick was trying to teach his girlfriend's (are they at the point in their relationship?) son how to shoot, but bullets weren't a part of it. The boy steals some and I have no idea what he's going to use it for or possibly on.

Carol is still in everyone's business and I'm not sure if she found out about Morgan's experiment with one of the wolves. Mind your business Carol damn!

As for the rest, they were learning how to use a weapon taught by the hottie Rosita, and Eugene still isn't used to using weapons yet. When is this boy going to learn. To honor the dead, you must keep living. It's like the theme of the season this year.

Now for what's going to happen in this finale tonight. Everything will go to shit. I hope everyone can come together again because this heard is definitely going to be making its way in as a result of the watch tower falling over. The town is going to need all the help it can get.

S1 E8
So Alex turned herself in and I'm guessing Ryan is still heading outside the country unless he tells the chopper to turn back around, which he probably will do because if he doesn't he'll become an irrelevant character.

In the past Alex finds out the truth about her father's relationship with Liam. Liam worked for her father. They and a bunch of other agents (that are apparently good agents) couldn't stop a massacre of over 200 people from dying, and so they all covered it up, Miranda included. No point in bringing down the whole bureau with this mess.

Nimah and Raina turn out to be 2 totally different people and now I can actually differentiate between them, finally. Nimah is the Muslim conservative, while Raina is the wild child. I'm not the only one who's just figuring this out. Simon thought he liked Nimah, but everything he liked about her was actually Raina. But Raina wants nothing to do with him and Nimah, the one that actually did like him, is coming to understand it was not her who Simon liked. Well what can you do? We all know Simon gets kicked out of Quantico and I think it just might happen tonight, since he called up his buddy and said trying to join the FBI might have been a mistake.

This Shelby and Caleb business is still a mess and I don't even really want to discuss it because it still hasn't changed much and we still don't know what went wrong in Shelby and Caleb's relationship, but what we do know is Caleb felt used in the end. Although, I don't see how he was used, but whatever. Caleb is all about keeping his mother safe from harm, which is why in the future he's deleting all the personal emails between Caleb's father and Shelby. We do find something interesting about Caleb this episode, he used to be in a cult and with that ending he just might still be in that cult. Shelby also had a secret that she gives money to her half-sister, but what if that half-sister is just claiming to buy a house but is actually using that money for terrorists attacks. You never know people that's all I'm saying.

Well at the recruits have their weekends back and can now travel outside of campus. Just another day in Quantico.

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