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S4 E3
Why can't Severide just find a nice girl? No, he has to always go for the bad girls and this bad girl just so happens to be the lawyer of the guy who's an arsonist. Dawson found out arsonist behind that fire in the horrible neighborhood, but it seems like all the files she had on him are missing. So this arsonist, who has a hot lawyer could not walk, but that's the least of Dawson's worry since it looks like she may have some pregnancy problems. That baby won't see the light of day.

The house got over that horrible neighborhood when they had to return to the same neighborhood to help save a husband's leg. The leg couldn't be saved, but at least the house was when the wife came forward with a video her son took that showed our firefighters not slow walking the call.

Brett finally got over her baby hump by locating the father and telling him how great the baby. The father ended up taking the baby in the end.

As for the new candidate (eventually I'll learn his name), he's staying put.

S1 E6
Rebecca actually takes the news nicely about her father. Who would have thunk it? Brian and her come up with a plan to get more info on Rebecca's father. This leads them to a doctor that treated him in rehab. The guy didn't know anything so it was all a waste of time anyway. I mean, he gets blown up by the end of the episode. Pointless, but it brings our leads closer together.

Brian was dealing with the effects of NZT. He needed another shot and Sands told him he could only get it if he sets up Rebecca with the files he gave her on her father to get her fired and sent to jail. Brain refuses to do that to her and then we get a cameo from Bradley Cooper. He said he needed to know what type of person Brain was. I think that was a total bullshitted lie and he just wanted to kill the doctor in case he knew too much, but that's just me.

Meanwhile, Naz finds out Rebecca knows about her father being involved with the experiment the Feds were doing to people and she claims she was always going to tell her but didn't because she didn't have a high enough clearance for it, which is why she's so focused on getting Rebecca to move up the ladder.

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