Monday, November 2, 2015

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Hey People,

I looked at Supergirl before in the summer and this is what I thought. I'll be watching again, but I'm still holding out on putting on the list so far.

S1 E3
Jane had a huge decision to make on whether she should go back to school after 3 weeks of giving birth to Mateo. In the end, she made the right decision and chose to go back to school. No one should hate on her if she chose to stay with Mateo a little longer, but I think this is the right thing because you don't want to regret things in life and this would have been a regret for her.

Rafael also had a decision to make. He could either 1) let Petra get an abortion, 2) give the baby up to a Russian orphanage, or 3) co-parent with Petra. He and Jane decided on 3 (that they both will co-parent with Petra). This will be interesting because Petra thinks she can still get Rafael back, but you know that's never going to happen, especially since Rafael just kissed Jane and for some damn reason Petra took a picture of it.

Xiomara had to deal with some green monster since she saw a passionate kiss between Rogelio and his ex-wife for the show and Rogelio had to finally get over his ex. Eventually, he figured out that Xo was more important than the show to him and made an E.P. decision and fired his ex from the show, but not so fast Rogelio. She has a video of you doing something. A sex tape? Nah Rogelio wouldn't care about that. He would probably release it himself. It has to be something else and something stupid at the same time. What could it be?

Okay, Michael is acting like a best friend and not a boyfriend. Instead of him being worried about Jane not seeing him as Mr. Macho he should start thinking that maybe Jane will only see him as a friend since he gives such good advice. I bet you Michael will get friend zoned the way he's going. Friends don't kiss you, but they do give great advice.

The episode revolved around Mateo being baptized, but you should already know what I think about that.

S1 E6
Jane vs Companionship. I feel bad for Jane. She wants to be normal and have friends and sometimes even a lover, but she can't have any of these things. Therapist can be really bad at their jobs sometimes. The tree symbolizes deep roots in relationships. Umm, no she obviously had sex with the tree tattoo guy and was dreaming about it in her dreams. So who is that guy? I have no idea just like I have no idea what's going to happen next in this show and I like it.

Weller and Jane tried to keep their distance from each other and set up boundaries, but it felt awkward and weird for them just like it felt for us viewers that were watching them. I liked the girl hacker in this episode, who Jane connected with because she was out in the world by herself, and I hope that we get to see her again in a future episode. Maybe she can come on as Patterson's sidekick. Speaking of Patterson, she told Weller about her founding on a case Mayfair led so maybe we can finally get the ball rolling on that lead.

The tattoo-of-the-week led the group to a girl hacker, who thought she was helping the NSA, but was really helping bad guys target government cars. With her help, the team shut down the app.

"Dirty money is dirty money." Reade only sees things in black and white, which is why he sucks so hard. As for Zapata, she paid off her bookie and vows to never bet again. Good for her. Now that her side of the story is over, can we focus on Reade and find out why he's such an ass?

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