Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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S2 E5
Lucious is out and is stirring up trouble. So basically nothing has changed for him since he was causing problems when he was in jail too. He wants to steal music from Dynasty to destroy them. Even sent in goons to wire the place, but something tells me the ones that stole from Tiana and up stole Hakeem isn't with Lucious at all and will find out soon enough how quickly they are in and over their heads.

Cookie has seems to have a new love interest and he's a cutie, It was gun at first sight. She accepted Porsha back and now has a security dog named Whoopty Whoo. Of course, she would.

Michael cheated on Jamal after he decided to bring on tour with him. Ne-yo gives some good advice. Actually he's a natural when it comes to acting. I was shocked and surprised. People are complaining why Michael would cheat and I would have to agree. I don't really understand it myself. He complained so much before that Jamal's music career would change him and then he's the one that steps out on him. It really makes no sense. Why bring Michael back if you were just going to have him cheat on Jamal? And people wanted them to end up together too.

Hakeem acted like a grown up for the first time and realized how he treats women around him. I am really liking the new lead of Mirage a Trois. She would be good for Hakeem and needed change from the other girls he's been dating.

Andre went on a confession tour before his baptism. He told his brothers the truth about putting them against each other and telling those thugs about Jamal, which almost led to him getting killed. But even after all that, they still said they would come to his baptism. He went to his father and told him how he made his mother take an interest in managing Jamal's career when she got out of jail. Andre also told Lucious how he almost committed suicide in his music booth. Lucious said he wasn't going to show up, but he did. Didn't stick around for long though. He got bad memories from his childhood when his mother almost drowned him in the bathtub. Me thinks that's why he will never give Andre the keys to the kingdom. Lucious doesn't trust him because Andre reminds him of his mother. Cookie was the only one who didn't get a confession and that's solely because she already believes Andre is a good person, no matter what he's done in the past.

Cookie got it right. I believe people should choose to be baptized. It means more when they are and it sticks with him if they do. Religion should be chosen, not enforced.

Where is Boo Boo Kitty? I miss her.

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