Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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S4 E2
I'm glad that Dawson went to arson (hey, that rhymed) to separate Dawson and Casey from each other. It would be too nauseating to see them together all the time. However, when Dawson left I thought we wouldn't be seeing her for awhile, but nope they just stick us with some Dawson investigation skills as she tries to help her old House out with their lawsuit problem. So the neighbors are suing and they aren't saying a damn word about what really happened. What the hell is wrong with this neighborhood? Obviously, they are slow to begin with because you just don't burn a house filled with drugs. They probably all flunked chemistry. Anyway, I get that they are mad about no one doing anything about the drugs in their neighborhood, but they are taking it out on the wrong people. Take that shit out on the police, not the firefighters. One government, different entities.

I didn't hate on the new captain until he revealed his true colors. Why does he have to be up in Severides ass for? He was just trying to help. The captain is too controlling and that's never a good thing.

Is anyone else rooting for Brett and Chilli to get together? Maybe I'm just missing the lesbian in the group. RIP Shay! Anyway, at least they should try co-parenting first because I'm pretty sure either Brett is going to steal that baby or she's going to adopt it. It would be a cool story if she stole it, but I'm leaning more towards adoption.

I guess the moral of the season so far is neighbors suck and they suck hard. The Portland couple can go kick rocks. I can't believe how calm Herrmann kept. I seriously might have threatened to beat the shit out of her. She moved next to bar. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you did that. That's her damn fault. Viva la Panama City!

P.S. Pretty funny how long Dawson and Casey kept their pregnancy a secret.
P.P.S. When someone says clear, you clear! That means no touching. It would have been funny, but sad, but mostly funny if she ended up dead and he survived.

S1 E5
Let's start with that case-of-the-week. I was tearing up at the end there. The younger brother tried to save his older brother from creating a dirty bomb (what's with the dirty bomb plot going around networks?) and in the end, the younger brother gets shot and dies, while the older brother lives on in jail for the rest of his life. Even on NZT, Brian couldn't predict what was going to happen.

There was a Dexter reunion on Limitless and it seems like there will be more in the future. The same 2 people are dating again. I didn't like them together on Dexter and I don't like them together now. Some things never change. But this does make me want to write a Dexter review. I'll think about it.

Anyway, Brian was fighting with his NZT self on whether they should tell Rebecca the truth about her father. I still think he made the wrong call, but whatever. He told Rebecca what he found on her father and for her not to ask where he got the information. I get why he did it. It's better to know, then never know, but now he's totally going to die by a giant boot. RIP Brian.

I hear Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) will be returning on the show tonight. Probably to give Brian the boot. See what I did there?

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