Monday, October 26, 2015

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Hey People,

I just realized I have 2 Janes I have to watch every night and I love them for different reasons.

S2 E2
Jane loves them both and I can see why. Like I always said, Michael is the safe bet and Rafael is the fantasy that could definitely come true. I always find myself rooting for Rafael so I guess I'm #TeamRafael but I wouldn't be upset if she ended up with Michael in the end. BTW, I loved bachelorette Jane. Annoying at times, but funny.

Surprisingly, Xiomara and Rogelio are getting the annulment even though they both confess they love each other. Xo wants to do it the right way this time.

Big news, Petra is pregnant and Rafael just found out about the sperm. His face was priceless as the best narrator in the world rewound and did a play-by-play. How is Jane going to react to this news? Will this be a way for Michael to worm his way back into being the man of the hour who doesn't have 2 baby mamas?

Just when Luisa was just going to be relevant to a meeting, she was up and taken by Rose's minion. Rose probably wants her back. Now Rick Lachlan can build a building blocking the gorgeous view. Well it was about time he won one battle between Rafael and Petra. Lachlan has been screwed over so many times by them as the narrator also pointed out. Have I mentioned how much I love the narrator?

P.S. Did anyone else cry when Alba did? I'm so glad she's going to get her green card. Fear is not a way to live.
P.P.S. Is there any point to give the executive assistant that promotion now since Rafael found out about the sperm anyway? Can they revoke it?

S1 E5
The tattoo-of-the-week involved a guy who was a CI for the CIA, but when the CIA didn't need him anymore the CI wasn't protected any longer and wanted to get back at the CIA, and so he created a dirty bomb. Our FBI team, of course, captures him, but the CIA wants to have even though it isn't within their jurisdiction. The CIA offer the FBI a deal: the CI for Jane. Mayfair says hell no to the idea because she knows what will happen to Jane if she gets handed over. Actually, the CI will probably get killed too because the CIA wasn't supposed to be torturing him on US soil. Mayfair had a decision to make: either let the CIA kill Jane or let the CIA kill the CI. The CIA are such murderous people. Mayfair chose to keep Jane and lost the chance to question CI about any other involvement he was in. She made the right choice.

I love how involved Zapata and Reade are in the show. Most secondaries aren't really involved in the show as much as they should be. They're there, but you don't really dig into their personal lives that much. We knew already that Zapata has a gambling problem, so it would make sense for her to get paid by the CIA to dish out intel on Jane. And then you have Reade, who hates Jane because she's making Weller lose focus and could potentially distract him out in the field. There is definitely something stirring between Jane and Weller and I don't know if I'm completely down for it yet. I think Jane and Weller are great on paper (met as toddlers, then one is taken away and they reunite 25 years later), but Weller is so closed off, I could even argue more so then Jane. I don't think anyone should be getting with anyone at the moment.

We find another piece of the puzzle with Jane. She remembers being taken into a room and filled with children in their beds. It reminded me of an orphanage really. Other than that girl is still a big ass mystery.

If I didn't mention it before, I want to mention it now. Congrats on Blindspot getting a full season order!

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