Sunday, October 25, 2015

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S6 E2
We got to see what was going on with the people back at Alexandria and it was not good. It looks like the only people that didn't die was our usual group, the panic attack doctor, the congresswoman and her son, Jess and her sons, the gay guy (who probably will blame himself for leading those wolves people there) and the pantry/gun keeper.

Nothing really happened other than people dying left and right, but we did find out two really important things about Morgan and Carol or what I like to call them, the angel and the devil. Morgan can kill Walkers, but he can't kill humans and Carol still has a heart, which I thought was dead.

P.S. Carl lost his could have been girlfriend, since she up and left Alexandria. Maybe he can become friends with Jess's son now that they really have nothing to fight over anymore. We do need a bromance on the show.

S1 E4
I liked everything about this episode except for how easily Alex was pushed "over the edge". You would think she would feel distracted not more focused, but to each their own. She wanted to do everything by herself. I guess it's because the twin was distracted they couldn't have 2 team players distracted at the same time. Her finding out the truth that her father wasn't all that great of a person really says something about her character. Just to get things straight, when she found out she killed a hero, she lost her purpose at Quantico, but when she found out the hero was what she initially thought of him as, she's back to being a team leader. Okay, I guess.

Shaw revealed the truth about her son. The theory out there was correct. Her son was planning on killing people at his school and is now up for parole. We still don't know the details the twins play, but their goal is to stop domestic terrorism. BTW, the twin that left came back.

We learn that in the future Ryan is dating Natalie. Not that I care or anything, but for some reason I feel like he's still undercover and they still don't know he's been FBI. But it turns out that he has to train again anyway or he'll be kicked out of the FBI for good. However, I don't believe a word O'Connor says, so take it or leave it.

Also in the future, Simon pledges his allegiance to Alex, which is good. Still don't like or trust the guy and I'm actually glad that guy tech guy is digging into his past. The bomb wire Alex found in the adjacent apartment from hers led them to Shelby and girl was not having any of it. She really wanted to bring Alex in and I have no idea where Alex is taking her. I'm pretty sure the info Alex was referring to Shelby has to deal with who she emails, texts and calls everyday. I think she's lying about her half-sister, like Natalie is lying about her stupid scar (seriously who lies about a scar?), unless her half-sister lives in the Middle East. It seems to me that Shelby really did vote for Obama.

I'm starting to form my first theory of the show and I have 2 guesses so far. Either O'Connor or Caleb. Caleb knows more than what he lets on and I think he might take his anger on his family by causing havoc in America. Or maybe it's O'Connor. Remember, they did say in the first episode that this was planned right from the get go and O'Connor started with the recruits at the same time even though he's not a recruit himself. Maybe he wants to get back at them and knows Alex is the perfect person to pin the terrorist attack on, which is why he's having Ryan follow her. Think about it people.

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