Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Hey People,

I vow to watch Player to the end and I don't do that to many shows, especially one that is doomed as this. Sorry for the lateness people.

S1 E3 & E4
The Player vs. 1000ft sniper paid to kill a group of people because they stole from the mob. The player wins!

We learn a little about Cassandra, the dealer, and how she comes with her own military skills, British style.

As for pit boss Johnson, he was busy the whole episode collecting information Kane had his friend dig up off of that memory card. He gave Kane's friend unusable info to pass to Kane. What I'm trying to understand is why Ginny would leave such useless information on a memory card and stick it inside a picture? I know it's faked, but you would think Kane would be quick to this conclusion.

The Player vs. wife beater who wanted to kill his wife because she wanted to kill him for beating her up to the point that she lost a baby. This game of the week, was a little too close to home for Alex because Ginny helped the wife out after she was beaten. In the end, the wife beater went directly to jail where he will definitely be killed, so no need for the wife to testify now and Alex found out from the wife that Ginny was scared of something in her past.

The dealer dealt with her private life and the pit boss had to tell her that eventually she will learn she can't have a private life outside the game. The dealer reveals she didn't choose this life unlike the pit boss. The only thing we learned about the pit boss this episode is that he grew into his own in Chicago.

S2 E3 & E4
So Nate is working with Wes now to find out what Annalise knows and somehow Nate is now involved in the future, at least he saved the kids from being caught and gave them a ride. I thought Asher would finally be a part of the group since his girlfriend is crazy or should I say ex-girlfriend now. Asher and Bonnie broke up and I'm actually a little upset about it. I guess I am still rooting for them in a sick and twisted way. But I'm glad Asher laid down the law with that prosecutor. She would have just kept blackmailing him about that girl the whole time. It must be serious what he did because Asher went to his father about the situation.

Connor finally had sex with Oliver and Michaela admitted to the group she's never had an orgasm before, but the episode ended with her probably having one with the new guy she's dating. Wes finds out the new guy is the same guy Rebecca knew and now knows Rebecca is Eggs. The new guy is Rebecca's foster brother and he fears Rebecca is dead, which he's not wrong about. Rebecca got the name Eggs when she dropped a bunch of eggs on the floor. Wes told Rebecca's foster brother to stay away from Michaela, but we know now that didn't happen so now I'm just waiting for shit to hit the fan on this one.

Laurel admitted to Bonnie that she likes Frank and Bonnie admits to her that she likes Asher. It was a funny scene and I kinda want to see them hangout a bit more.

As for Annalise, she needs to make up her damn mind about who she wants to be with, Eve or Nate. I'm pretty sure she just goes with who's in proximity.

They did have a case-of-the-week this episode. I thought we were finished with those on this show, but I'll allow it since they had Sherri Shaum (The Fosters). They changed her from being the school's vice principal and lesbian mother to being the mother hen of a sex club, where she performed BDSM. She killed the guy, but of course, with Annalise as your lawyer she got off. Now she can go back to her former life as a lesbian mother. As for the case of the season, we find that the adopted kids are into each other. Did I not call that? My theory is starting to be correct. Even their maid, or whatever she was, who's been with them since they were toddlers believes they're guilty.

Okay I can't stand this case-of-the-week, which goes back to why I hated how HTGAWM worked their cases in general because they were always wrong about the law. If you're going to argue your client need mental help and not jail, fine, but don't then destroy the doctor who is basically agreeing with you that your client needs mental, I don't think it's a wise idea to try and ruin him on the stand. You can't have it both ways. You can't argue, your client is needs a hospital and is innocent of wrongdoing. She killed someone that isn't what's up for argument, what should have been the main argument in this case is her thought process. Can she plea being sick? It didn't really matter who the ringleader was for the killing because all of the girls are killers. Social pressure my ass. Yes, peer pressure can make you do stupid stuff, but there is a point where there's no return and killing someone is definitely way pass the line. I'm glad Connor leaked the video because he was doing Annalise's job for her. If she had this type of damaging evidence, she would have to quit being her lawyer or hand the evidence over to prosecutors. This episode really made me like Connor. So glad that crazy chick went to jail.

Connor made noticed some similarities to the case and how Annalise treats them and I have to agree with the man. Connor is becoming more sensitive and it seems Laurel is becoming more cold.

Wes and Levi are working together to find Rebecca and Levi finds out that Frank probably buried Rebecca in a cemetery, but Nate brought up a good point. Who's to say Levi is who he says he is. He admitted he lie to find out what happened to Rebecca maybe he's a stalker-ish ex-boyfriend who is now dating Michaela.

Asher made a deal with the prosecutor who was blackmailing him about that girl and we still don't know the story there, but Asher has agreed to testify in the Sam Keating case, but they may be put on hold now since Bonnie lied to him and told him that she killed Sam. I'm just glad Asher isn't as dumb as we all thought he was and realized all the whispering when he's not in the room.

As for Annalise, she got a call from Nate's wife in the hospital and was asked to help his wife kill herself by getting some pills for her. Annalise came to the conclusion that if she, herself, is still alive then there is no way she can help a nice woman like Nate's wife kill herself because if she deserves to live so does Nate's wife.

As for the future, I have no idea why Caleb is in an apartment that Michaela has the keys to. Maybe she did have a crush on him after all. But at least we know that Caleb and his adopted sister aren't boning each other, but that doesn't take away from them not being into each other.

S3 E2 & E3
Red and Liz decide hold up a diner, when in fact, the whole purpose was to free a criminal lawyer. The lawyer finds something in the fulcrum and that's all that really happens. No body believed for a second that Liz was a Russian spy, not even the Russians.

Harold went out of his job gracefully and when I say gracefully I mean he's taking a dead end job instead of retiring. Dembe is being tortured for not disclosing where Red is. I'm just glad his granddaughter got the antidote. Now he just needs to get out of those handcuffs and beat the shit out of that guy.

Oh and godawful Tom is back.

I sort of watched this episode. I probably will re-watch it just to make sure I know what happened but from what I can tell, Red and Liz wanted to take The Cabal's money away from them by going after a farm that genetically make their seeds. They figure out in the end that the real plan was to spread a virus that only they had the cure to and therefore make tons of money that way. I'm sick of watching genetic farms in my shows. Writers need to start getting creative. In the end, the bad guys (the really bad guys) get caught.

It's funny and sad how Liz is reacting to her new role. Watching from her perspective I would think she hasn't changed and is still about the truth and justice. However, from the outside perspective like Ressler, I would think this bitch has lost her damn mind and has been hanging out with Red for far too long. Basically she had been corrupted. It's also funny how when Red was on his own he was never in danger of getting caught, but with Liz it's always close calls or basically just leading the cops right at their doorstep. Girl needs to learn how to be a criminal.

What else? Tom is back annoying the crap out of me again. He was just waiting for Liz to call him the whole time, but instead he gets a visit from Harold. Harold wants him to help Liz clear her name. I was glad to see Ressler go to Harold for advice but it's just so funny how Harold told Ressler to follow his gut and not trust Tom but he goes directly to him. Here's hoping Tom still dies.

Luv ya,


  1. I think the Blacklist is one of the few shows that I can remember that has reinvented itself after just a couple of seasons as is just as good if not better than before. As for the Player, well I'll be watching till the end as well. I think they can put in some interesting twists and turns that will make for a nice payoff.

    1. Well The Blacklist needed it. I was tired of Liz always saying she was done with Red and then the next episode she would need him for something and then forgives him for what he did before. It happened way too many times last year, so I welcomed this new idea of Liz understanding exactly why Red does what he does. She makes one bad criminal so far though.

      For The Player, I hope it gets wrapped up nicely. The season was shortened, which is another word for cancelled nowadays. I really wish this concept of a show could have worked out. But like someone mentioned, I hope to see the player on Blindspot and the dealer on another show in the future. Snipes was a great fit for the role though.

    2. Damn. Another NBC show that I like that gets cancelled before it can get started. I've lost count how many good ones they've cancelled. I hate NBC.

    3. Now, now. As much as I would love to hate on NBC for basically cancelling the series I can't. The show is the 2nd worse rated show they have. and last in its timeslot and as a NBC drama. Besides, NBC gave us Chuck and they gave the show numerous chances to continue. But the big difference is Chuck was a toss up and The Player really isn't.

  2. Ok, here's where our opinions differ. NBC could easily move the show to a different time slot or day to give it a chance. As for Chuck (my all time favorite show) NBC did everything it could to cancel it. They were always being threatened with much so, that it affected the story line and how the writers wrote each season (with an eye on having to write a series ender each season). Then, of course, they buried it on Friday night without any fanfare. The other thing, of course, is that NBC usually has nothing else to replace their cancelled shows with, or if they do, it really really sucks. Ok, end of rant. NBC sucks...oops, I had one more in me. LOL

    1. I don't think a move would have helped it. I think they shouldn't have started it there to begin with. Going up against football was a bad idea, especially when this show being more oriented towards men.

      As for Chuck, I think every show should be threatened with cancellation if it means the writing is more concise. And if they do end up getting cancelled, then at least I know the show ended with a conclusion because they wouldn't know if it was coming back. I feel like every season of a show should be written as if it was its last because the way networks get rid of them so fast nowadays, it really should be.

      Ain't nobody got time for fillers.

  3. Oh I agree about the fillers, but the problem with Chuck was that they would threaten them with cancellation and a shortened season, and then add episodes which did cause some filler in the second half of a couple of seasons. I didn't take in to account Thursday night football in regards to The Player, and I think you are absolutely right. Even more reason to give it more time to catch on. Oh well.

    1. That's true about Chuck. They did have fillers because of that. But I believe short and concise is always a winning combination.
      Just enjoy The Player while it lasts. That's all that we can do now.