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Sorry for the lateness. I just got back from partying it up in New York for Halloween. The night ended with cops and throw up, so you know I had a good night. BTW, Happy Halloween. Anyway, let's get back to the recap.

S5 E3
You got to love The Walking Dead for killing important characters. No one is safe and that's one of the great things about the show. They killed off Glenn! Now I was talking to my friend, who thinks he may not be dead and I reassured him that there is no way he's getting out of that one alive. They played the sad music and everything. He thinks the guts we saw was from the other guy, but it doesn't matter because he's surrounded by Walkers everywhere. He should have just hopped the fence with those tall bushes and taken his chance there. Or better yet cover his body with guts and just walk among the dead. I don't know why they keep forgetting they can do that. And so even though I like Glenn, he's dumb for not thinking of it and is therefore his fault he's dead. Once he took the watch out I knew he was a goner. I knew Glenn was a possibility because of a spoiler, but you never know. The show may not go down that route and I hope they don't for another character I know is gone in the comics, but we shall see. So Maggie is pregnant and a widow. Damn this is not going to sit well with her when she finds out.

So the episode was again the same day from a different perspective. I should complain about how we're on the 3rd episode and still on the same damn day, but I won't because getting it from different perspectives is actually working this time around unlike the beginning of the 5th season when everyone was broken up.

Michonne, Glenn, and the others were trying to keep ahead of the heard that were heading to Alexandria because of the horn. One stupid person shot another and then ran off and most definitely gotten killed somewhere along the way (there was no way he's gonna survive especially when he was running the other direction), another sprained her ankle and then died because she couldn't keep up, and someone else got bitten. Then you of course have Glenn and the person who tried to kill Glenn, both get killed. It was a bloody night, but the person who still isn't safe is Rick who has a bunch of Walkers coming his way and he's a sitting duck.

S1 E5
I was not feeling all the sex this episode. I felt like the hookups were forced, especially Caleb and Shelby's. I like them as a couple, but at the same time they annoy me when their together. Anyway, the test of the week was for the recruits to go undercover and prove they can pull it off. Of course, Alex and Ryan pass, as well as the twins who were doing double the undercover since they were changing among themselves every hour. You could also argue they have an up on everyone since they're undercover 24 with everyone else at the academy. But then again so is Simon and he failed miserably. He brought his fake boyfriend to the party and Elias found out the truth about him. He believed everything Simon said (him not being gay, fighting for the other side, not needing glasses, and not liking coffee). I still think Simon is a liar and I wouldn't believe a damn thing he said. Although, I do think he's not gay and it was foul that he would fake that. But at least it's out there that Simon likes one of twins and one of the twins likes him.

Shaw knows the truth or the version of truth O'Connor told her and now believes Ryan should stick with his undercover. I still believe O'Connor is lying. It seems like I think everyone is a liar in this show, except Alex.

In the future, since it was ordered Alex can arrive dead or alive, Alex figures the only way for her not to end up dead is to tell her side of the story to the world. Then came the dark net, I have a love, hate relationship with them. I love the cause, hate what they do sometimes. Anyway, Alex broadcasts her story streaming online and the FEDs track her to a mosque. She escapes and now has made new friends with an anonymous group. Shelby didn't rat on Alex because even she doesn't think she did it and my theory from before still seems to be holding up nicely.

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