Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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S2 E9
Oh Lord, Empire is probably confusing the shit out of heterosexuals everywhere. Jamal kissed Skye (Alicia Keys, who I have to say looks more beautiful now then she did before). I'm going to file it under someone Jamal would go straight for just like straight people have someone they would go gay for. Will anything come of it? I doubt it, but there is a possibility they might have a one night stand together.

Lucious is selling off parts of his company to build up capital to buy that streaming company. I hope this backfires in his face. He needs to lose people. It's not cool how he's always one step ahead of everyone. I mean, he's the one that found out about Cookie's new boyfriend. I'm guessing he got the Frank Gathers treatment. But this still doesn't save Cookie's Cookout. I feel like something is going to happen there.

Speaking of Cookie, she was in Philly trying to find her sister, with her other sister and OMG I loved every minute of it. Taraji P. Henson, Vivica A. Fox, and Tasha Smith, all 3 very strong black women, who always play the woman that don't take shit from anyone, so seeing them play off each other was amazing to me. They find their addict of a sister with the help of Cooke's inmate friend (Rosie O'Donnell). Another great scene was Cookie talking to her sister and telling her she needed to go to rehab (BTW, Congrats to Empire for their Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress and Best Drama).

Boo Boo has gone cuckoo! It's like Fatal Attraction up in here. She's in love with Hakeem and Hakeem is like bitch stop messing with my life. He still doesn't know she's pregnant and when he does find out there goes his girlfriend right out the door.

In other news, Andre no longer has to prove himself to Lucious any longer. It's just sad that Lucious didn't feel like he could trust him on his own, if Andre wasn't having a child, he probably would still be in the dog house with Lucious.

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