Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Under the Dome S2 E2

Dear Diary,

So Angie is really dead? I'm not going to miss her. She was kinda annoying, besides she was trying to kill in the Dome and we all know the Dome doesn't like when people kill.

We all knew Junior could kill someone, but I didn't think Joe would have it in him to take someone's life.

I find it strange that everyone is switching rolls. Phil the DJ is now the sheriff because...a DJ would know a lot about the law? And then there's Big Jim who's acting like the dead Reverend. Things aren't really making sense in Chester's Mill.

I went to the funeral for Angie. I may not like the b*tch, but I should still pay my respects. Only Big Jim could turn his eulogy into a monologue boosting his ego as the savior of this town. Worst of all, some people actually agree with him.

I might have to go Red Dome in this place.

Luv ya,

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