Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (4)

Rumi: Wait up!
Sakiko: Hurry up or we’re going to be late!
Rumi: Can’t we… just…
Sakiko: Just what? Rumi? Where did she go? There she is. How did you fall so far behind?
Rumi: Unlike you… I run… at normal speed. Give me some time… to catch my breath. Why is this place so big?
Sakiko: Out of all days to be late! Why is it that before I met you I had no problem being on time? Now look at me. I’m lucky to make it before everyone leaves. Since the day I met you, even then we were late.
Rumi: At least now we know how to make an entrance.
Sakiko: Are you done catching your breath? It’s only a bit farther.
Rumi: Yea, let’s go. I've never seen you this excited before.
Sakiko: I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a while. I’ve narrowed it down to a few.
Rumi: I guess all the scouting we did in the mornings really helped.
Sakiko: I was scouting, you were stalking. I don’t know why you haven’t tried talking to her yet.
Rumi: I want to make a good impression. You only get one chance at it and besides Megumi hasn’t left her side. Anytime I finally got the courage to approach her, Megumi whisks her away. She’s always one step ahead of me.
Sakiko: Well that’s not going to change anytime soon. She’s just going to do the same thing again today.
Rumi: Well I figured that Megumi can’t hog her all day and today she’ll be outnumbered. Hopefully, Megumi will have to deal with all the other Masters that by the time she checks up on the Servant, she and I will already be in a discussion. That’s my plan.
Sakiko: Wow… amazing. But do you know what’s more amazing? The fact that you still don’t know her name.
Rumi: I’m waiting for the moment she introduces herself. It’ll be more special to hear it from her.
Sakiko: Like I said, amazing. We’re finally here.
Rumi: We made it.
Sakiko: Let’s walk around to make ourselves more noticeable.
Rumi: Okay. Maybe I can spot where Megumi is hiding her.
Sakiko: Have you noticed anything since we’ve been walking?
Rumi: What do you mean?
Sakiko: No one has approached us yet.
Rumi: Maybe they’re shy.
Sakiko: I’m getting a strange feeling like the Servants are avoiding us or something.
Rumi: No way! Why would they do that? It’s just your mind playing tricks.
Sakiko: Yea maybe.
Rumi: Look! There she is! She’s talking to someone, but it’s not Megumi. Now is my chance. I’m going to go over there. Will you be fine on your own for a bit?
Sakiko: Yea, sure. Go on! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Go!
Rumi: Okay. I can do this. Don’t create any conspiracies while I’m away.
Sakiko: Very funny. She’ll find you hysterical.
Rumi: Okay Rumi, now is your chance to get something right in your life. Do not mess up this moment. Just go up to her and introduce yourself and then ask for her name. You can do it! Now go do it! Hello! Allow me to introduce myself my name is--
Student: Back of the line!
Rumi: What?
Student: We’ve been waiting for our turn! There is no cutting in line!
Rumi: What li… Oh, that one. Sorry everyone! Great first impression Rumi! Now she thinks you don’t abide by the rules. No wonder she gave me that weird look. Just great! This is a long line. I didn’t know so many people were interested in her. Maybe Megumi is right. Maybe I am out of my league!
Megumi: You don’t mind me cutting in front of you, right? It’s not like you have a chance anyway.
Rumi: I’m surprised to see you here, Megumi. I thought you already would have been speaking to her and stealing her away from us. Since that's what you do every day.
Megumi: You’re right. That was planned, but unlike you, I have admirers of my own I had to get rid of first. Those pests follow me everywhere I go.
Rumi: I don’t understand you at all. You have Servants that are willing to do anything and there not even your Servant yet and you consider them pests.
Megumi: It’s very simple to understand. Those pests are beneath me. Actually, all Servants are, but there is only one that I’m willing to tolerate and only one that I’m willing to learn from and her name is--
Sakiko: Rumi!
Rumi: Huh?
Sakiko: Rumi! I knew it! I told you something was strange.
Rumi: What are you talking about Sakiko?
Sakiko: While you’ve been here, I’ve been searching for the ones I’ve had my eye on and anytime I tried to approach them, they started walking away very, very fast.
Rumi: That is strange.
Megumi: That doesn’t sound strange to me. Doesn’t everyone start running anytime one of you approaches them?
Sakiko: This doesn’t concern you Megumi or maybe it does since it is something that you would do.
Megumi: Are you accusing me of something? Do you really want to go down this road?
Rumi: Sakiko, what’s going on?
Sakiko: Finally, someone had the courage to approach me and tell me about the rumor.
Rumi: What rumor? Is it about us?
Sakiko: There is a rumor going around stating that we’re perverts!
Rumi: What!?
Sakiko: And that anytime we were out near the gate scouting potentials, we were actually lurking for our next victims.
Rumi: I can’t believe this! And this has been spreading around to all the other Servants too. Wait… then that means… she thinks… I’m a rule breaker and a pervert! Is that why she gave me that weird face? Can this day get any worse?
Sakiko: I know it was you Megumi. This has you written all over it. I should have thought of you even sooner. What you did to Itoe is exactly what you did to me, your friend.
Megumi: And what if it was me, Sakiko? I mean, anyone could have mistaken those moments at the gate. Even if I did do it, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to say that I’ll get what’s coming to me or will you say I’ll live to regret it? Which one will it be, friend?
Sakiko: Neither. But I will ask this are you that threatened by Rumi?
Megumi: Who’s Rumi? Oh, her? Hahaha! Don’t make me laugh. I have bigger competitions than her. This is more for my amusement than anything else.
Sakiko: Let’s go Rumi. Let’s not waste our time.
Megumi: Are you sure you want to leave Rumi? You’ll miss your chance with her, again.
Rumi: Doesn’t matter anymore. She thinks I’m a pervert. Besides when a pervert says that they’re not a pervert it just makes them seem even more like one. I’m coming with Sakiko.
Sakiko: Megumi is a tough opponent Rumi. But no matter what, you have to promise me that you’ll beat her and take her Servant from right under her nose.
Rumi: How can I promise that? She probably thinks I’m a pervert and Megumi has already been hanging out with her. And don’t even get me started on grades. How can I compete with someone who is so far ahead of me?
Sakiko: To tell you the truth, I didn’t think you could do it either, but Megumi has crossed the line and she needs to be taught a lesson that you just can’t walk all over everyone. And the only way for her to hear it is if you take something from her. So promise me that you’ll win her.
Rumi: How?
Sakiko: With your charm.
Rumi: Okay, I promise. I’ll make her my Servant.
Sakiko: Good! Now then, there is someone I would like for you to meet.
Rumi: Who?
Sakiko: Remember when I said there was a courageous person who told me about the rumor. Well before I came here to tell you, we started talking. She’s smart, funny, and pretty. She hits all three criteria. I think she’s the one.
Rumi: Wow! Like the one you’ll make—
Sakiko: Yes, she’ll be the one I’ll ask to be my Servant.
Rumi: Congratulations! I’m glad you found someone. Now I have to meet her.
Sakiko: Thank you! Yea she’s just over here—
Rumi: Why is she talking to Itoe?
Sakiko: More importantly, how is she talking to Itoe?
Rumi: Only one way to find out.
Natsue: Thank you for the complement! I try my hardest to keep up with my grades. It’s not that easy, but I try my best.
Itoe: … … …
Natsue: I didn’t know that! It’s just as hard for Masters? I would never have known if you didn’t tell me. Now that I think about it maybe it would be.
Sakiko: How are you doing that?
Natsue: Master Sakiko! This is Master Fujimoto Itoe.
Sakiko: I know who she is. How are you doing that?
Natsue: Doing what?
Sakiko: Talking to her. She doesn’t speak!
Natsue: Master Itoe may not say much but she can communicate in other ways. I guess I just understand her mannerism. In a way, I understand what her heart is trying to say.
Sakiko: No! No! nononononono just No!
Rumi: Sakiko, calm down!
Sakiko: Why should I calm down? I have no reason to be calm. I have finally found a Servant that I finally like and actually likes me in return and then this happens. I never thought a day would come when someone would actually understand her. And it turns out to be a Servant that I like. Oh, wow, Itoe you are low.
Rumi: You’re not making any sense Sakiko.
Sakiko: This was your plan all along wasn’t it Itoe? I know you’ve had it out for me ever since the rumor about you started, but this, this is something I thought even you wouldn’t do.
Natsue: Master Itoe says she doesn’t know what you’re talking about.
Sakiko: Now Natsue’s talking for her? Can it get any worse?
Rumi: But that still doesn’t make any sense Sakiko. How could she have known that you would want Natsue as your Servant and how could she have known that Natsue would understand her? Didn’t I warn you not to create any conspiracies?
Sakiko: Yea… but…
Natsue: Master Itoe understands now. She says that she never wanted to get back at you. She even forgot that it even happened.
Sakiko: Then what about all the growls and evil stares that I get from her? What is that all about?
Itoe: … … …
Natsue: Hahaha… You’re bad Master Itoe. She says that she was just messing with you. She didn’t mean them. It was just fun for her to see you squirm.
Sakiko: That is just wrong. You do know what this means Itoe, right?
Itoe: grrr…
Sakiko: That’s right. This is war!
Natsue: Master Itoe says may the best Master win and bring everything you’ve got!
Sakiko: Natsue, what is with the evil eyes?
Nastue: Master Itoe told me to say it with me staring evilly at you and I kind of wanted to see you squirm a little too. You’re right Master Itoe, it is fun.
Rumi: The bell is ringing.
Natsue: I guess the day is over. Master Itoe and I will take our leaves now. We hope to see you again Master Sakiko.
Rumi: Oh I’m sorry. I’ve forgotten my manners.
Natsue: No, I’m the one who has forgotten mine. My name is Takasugi Natsue and I am a Servant. I feel like I know you already Master Otaka Rumi. Master Sakiko speaks very highly of you.
Rumi: Really?
Natsue: Yes, nothing but good things. Well then, I guess we shall leave. Shall we, Master Itoe?
Itoe: … …
Natsue: You are just too funny for words Master Itoe.
Sakiko: Yea, we’ll see if she’ll still be funny after I beat her.
Rumi: You’re still going after her?
Sakiko: Of course, why wouldn’t I?
Rumi: Maybe because she’s the only one who can talk to Itoe and actually understand what she replies back.
Sakiko: I can’t let her win because of that. If she wins it will be because she beats me. Letting her win because of that isn’t winning. There is no honor winning that way. My way of showing her respect is by not throwing in the towel.
Rumi: Wow! I’m proud of you.
Sakiko: But that still doesn’t mean that I don’t think she planned this from the beginning.
Rumi: And you were doing so well.
Sakiko: Think about it she had all this time to ponder what to do to me and I must say it was executed very well.
Rumi: Let it go Sakiko.
Sakiko: All I am saying is—
Anika: Hello, you are Master Otaka Rumi, correct?
Rumi: Yes.
Anika: My name is Yamanaka Anika. I am a Servant. I was wondering if it was true—
Rumi: I am not a pervert!
Anika: Oh, no! Not that, I know that’s not true. I was wondering is it true that you have already decided who your Servant should be.
Rumi: I thought I did, but as of right now I’m not too sure.
Sakiko: Yes, you are. Remember, our promise?
Rumi: Yes, I know but—
Anika: Well, is there any chance that I can change your mind?

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