Thursday, July 10, 2014

Extant S1 E1

Dear Diary,

Did my neighbors just throw a party and not invite me? What b*tches. Apparently, Molly Woods has come back to earth again and no one deemed it appropriate to invite the neighbor. But I must say, it is rather nice to see Molly from afar. Girl is hot, whether on earth, in space, on the moon, or whatever. Her hotness can't even compare to the sun. I'll save this rant for another diary entry.

Anyway, while I was watching from a distance, I did hear someone throwing up in the bathroom. If the food was that bad, maybe they just saved my life.

While Molly's been gone, John and his "son" have been getting along pretty well. News on the block is he might get a big investment from Yasumoto. I don't know about this. Sometimes when I see John play with Ethan, I think it's a great idea, but when Ethan catches a glimpse of me, he gives me the most evilest look I've ever seen. Makes me think they should have an off button for him.

Scratch that. Just heard he got backed. We're doomed!

While I was taking the trash out, I heard Molly talking. I don't know what's happening on my block, but I'm about to find out.

Time for, stalker mode. I'll get to the bottom of this.

Luv ya,

P.S. Stalking Molly Woods is like a dream come true.

P.P.S No, I'm not crazy.

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