Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E8

Dear Diary,

So what the hell are we doing parked in a place like this? What are you up to Mr. Wilson? I still don't trust him. They've been sitting in the car for over an hour. If you really wanted a father and daughter moment, couldn't it have been in a place where I could have ordered something. I'm starving. Stalking does not pay well.

By the time Carter and David went home, Armadillo was telling Elizabeth how he really feels and then took off to Max's. Max thinks it was a Mormon bugging him but it was actually me coming to his house so I could bug it. Am I a genius or what? Armadillo, you really have bad timing man. Maylor was just about to get it on. Anyway, Armadillo breaks the news about the affair and then everyone eventually shows up at Max's place. Finally, Gabe has a reason to be in the room--to explain the affair.

Taylor and Carter take it upon themselves to stage an intervention for Elizabeth and I'm surprised that they didn't mess with her head to see how far she would go to lie about it. Elizabeth comes clean and states that she'll end it. However, I do recall her saying the same thing before to Kyle so I don't know how much I trust her words. But when David tells her he doesn't want to look like a fool, Elizabeth agrees to move out, but leaves everyone a letter before she does. Needless to say, they couldn't function as a family without her. And now I'm wondering if Taylor wasn't there, would they starve themselves to death.

It's always great to witness a Maylor moment. Sorry Crater, you guys just can't compete and Crash is becoming less and less interesting to me, maybe because he's wrapped too tightly around Carter's finger. Sadly, these moments always come when Taylor is incoherent. While they were getting high, Armadillo was forgotten again for the 1,000th time. I expected everyone else to forget Armadillo, but not you Carter. Even I was a little disappointed.

Carter couldn't stand it anymore so she makes a deal with her father that if David can write the book, Finding Carter, he would let Elizabeth back home. He says because he's not the man she once married and the only way he can be is if he can write the book, but in my head, I'm thinking that's the sh*ttest excuse ever. Are you seriously going to believe this sh*t, Carter? I guess so since Carter agrees to the terms with some terms of her own, not like that matters since he's been writing it since she's been back. But I find the reason why Carter did it much more intriguing. She did it because of the letter Elizabeth wrote to her. Genuine moments FTW!

Elizabeth takes a leave of absence on her job to be a stay at home mom for a while since in her words, the only reason she became a cop was to find her daughter. I can't picture her as a housewife. I try, but I just can't. But she does agree that she owes Armadillo a lot, but again, I don't know if she'll be able to keep it. They were one big happy family for about a minute until Carter finds out the truth that it isn't Elizabeth that she shouldn't trust. Finally, I won't be the only one to recognize his evil doings. Does that mean Carter will confide in Elizabeth from now on, Diary?

Luv ya,

P.S. I really thought Carter would have found out by reading David's rough draft and seeing the time stamp on when it was created, but hey, this works too.

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