Friday, August 22, 2014

Extant Diary Delay/Extant Review So Far

Hey People,

Sorry for the delay for the Extant Diary. I forgot they were showing 2 episodes this week and were starting early and I usually watch it with my father, but he wasn't available until last night to watch it with me. I thought I was going to get it out this morning but it turns out when I play a video game, it takes over my life.

So I've decided to give a short review about what I think about this show so far. And so far I think this show is horrible as in I wonder why I tune in each week horrible. It's not like the show was good in the beginning and then went bad, so I can't blame it for that, but dang, if you're going to use Halle Berry in a show, then please let it be watchable.

Maybe I'm alone in this. My father and I differ in many things when it comes to watching TV shows. We always seem to have different opinions about characters that usually end with us arguing as to who is right. But I love discussing shows especially when people don't agree. Makes it that more fun for me to prove them wrong ;-) This time is no different. My father is enjoying the series; however, he did start the show at episode 5, but like I told him and also you, he didn't miss much. Actually, it was quite easy for him to grasp what was happening in the show by starting from there. He would ask me questions about what does this mean and who is that and I would answer by saying I have no idea because they don't explain anything on this show so I'm just as lost as you.

But I continued watching. Why? Because I just like to punish myself. But in all seriousness, I know this show is one season and I've come this far in this ridiculous plot of a show, so why not finish it. Also, I just really like watching Halle Berry every week (something my Dad and I both have in common). But rest assured, I will be cautious the next Spielberg show I watch. Seems like I'm quitting a lot of his shows because they miss substance.

Only 3 episodes left! The Diary will be out today so come back later to see how this nosy neighbor witnesses everything.

Luv ya,

P.S. I just noticed I had my numbers mixed for the diaries--now fixed!
P.P.S. I got how many episodes wrong, so instead I'll just say this there will be 13 episodes.

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