Friday, August 22, 2014

Extant S1 E7

Dear Diary,

How come I can't be invited to a sleepover with Sam and Molly? Life is totally not fair. Sam and Molly planned their attack on Sparks all night and I had to watch from my window. But I could still hear everything because of the bug. Got to love technology. Molly mentioned something about talking to a Derek Pierce about a mission. Boring, I was hoping for a pillow fight with each other or something. What? It could happen.

The next day, Molly shows up at Pierce's door and he's all like no no girlfriend, I ain't puttin' out. So Molly decides to do some investigating on Pierce, which eventually led to her emailing him and then him emailing her back. Maybe I should email her. Anyway, Pierce tells her to meet him and by the time Molly gets there, kid jumped right out of the window. Well, this was a pointless trip.

Off to Yasumtoto's house for dinner because apparently when you randomly start speaking Japanese, you randomly get invited to a Japanese man's house. After that weird dinner was over, Molly and John have an even weirder conversation about how Molly wants her baby back. She even goes to Sparks's house and scares the sh*t out of him. In her words, "I wants to know where my baby is." You know I had to add that line in. Man was definitely spooked because the next thing you know, he's walking to his car and Molly is follows not far behind and me not far behind her.

Off to a building that Molly and Sparks goes into. Something tells me I should wait in the car and a good thing I did because I saw a bunch of people in black suits walking in. That just looks like a bad situation. But what looks even worse than that is Kryger and Kern working together. Say what?

Luv ya,

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