Saturday, August 23, 2014

Extant S1 E8

Dear Diary,

Where's my baby? Is where we left off and now we know exactly where the baby is so let's go get the man-baby since it's growing so fast. Jesus he may not be but he's definitely not your typical human. Mom or host? That's a good question, but it doesn't matter either way to Molly. She's getting her man-baby back.

Good morning beautiful and goodbye Ethan. You know if I pulled a stint like that at his age, I would have been whipped. But I guess your face peeling apart is close enough. But there's that evil look Ethan gave, but it's different than the last time. He seems more stern and assertive with a dash of more evil.

Back at the ISEA, Molly found out her man-baby is being moved, so now is her chance to strike. But seriously don't they know? Discussing about heists in the middle of the hallway is probably not a good day. I mean seriously Kern, you're the deputy director, you should know better than to discuss such things in the office especially when you know they're watching Molly. However, the crappy plan is scrapped when something goes amiss. Instead it was replaced by a much insaner plan. Great job guys. I think I'll watch from afar on this one.

Turns out Kryger's plan all along was to kill the man-baby. Jealous much Kryger? Well you're not alone. We all want Molly's attention so get in line. More later, Diary.

Luv ya,

P.S. You say offspring, I say man-baby.

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