Sunday, August 24, 2014

Legends Review S1 E2

Hey People,

So a certain person asked me to checkout episode 2 of Legends claiming that it was better than the pilot. So that's what I did tonight. I watched it and I do have to admit, it is better than the pilot. However, this additional episode doesn't really change my assessment of the show. I still think this show is still too average for Sean Bean. Let me explain.

Like: I did think this case of the week (or should I say two weeks?) is better than the pilot's. I was pulled into the show more and actually cared about what happened to the family involved. I will also admit that I was shocked to the killing of Troy. I did not see that one coming. I was actually waiting for the "I was wearing a bulletproof vest the whole time" or a "Don't leave home without it," but it never came. Man was legit dead. Saw the dead body and everything. I love a show that can take risks like that because that emulates life. Not everyone survives every encounter they have. As long as they keep the dead actually dead, I'm fine with the decision. I hate cop-outs. Of course I also have to mention Morris Chestnut finally showing up. Where were you last time? This episode became instantly better when I saw him on my screen.

Dislike: I don't know if they just haven't gotten this down yet or if this is the precedent, but I am not liking the setup of the show. I hated how this episode ended. I was like "This is about to get good," and then I see the credits. What? As much as I enjoyed the case of the week, I felt like this episode was just a setup for the next episode. So if it weren't for Morris Chestnut showing up and Troy dying, I would have said this episode was a filler. That's what I'm afraid of because they can't keep on killing agents or having random people show up. What happens when we get another setup episode? How will it keep me entertained? And is this how it will always be (setup episode, legend episode)? And let's say I didn't like this case, I would have to suffer through another episode of it. So that's my concern moving forward.

I also dislike how Morris Chestnut is being used. Really writers? Why does he have to be the one to oppose Sean Bean's character? I kind of wish he would have been the one to replace Troy. I still stand by what I said in my last review, it's too early for a mythology.

Judgement: Honestly, I think I would enjoy Legends way more if they just focused on a different legend every week. I feel like the writers have a need to spell everything out for us when they don't need to. Most of the time when Tina's character is explaining his legend, it's in one ear and out the other. I rather each episode open with his new persona already in play or just about to start his mission and have his team show up randomly to help him when needed. Basically, I wish it was focused solely on Bean as in we, the audience, see and hear only what he sees and hears.

In the end, I'm debating with myself on whether I should watch the next episode. On one hand, I still think this show is average and not good enough for me to continue watching. On the other, I'm debating myself, meaning that I don't count it down and out yet and I also would really like to see what happens to this case. With that being said, I probably will watch the 3rd episode but that doesn't mean it gets a season pass. If I was on a date with this show, at the end of night, I wouldn't go in for the kiss and I would say, "I'll call you."

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P.S. Don't call me Legends, I'll call you.

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