Monday, August 25, 2014

Tyrant Review

Hey People,

So I just dived into this new show called Tyrant and boy was my mind blown to bits. Get it? After you're done shaking your head at me, I would like for you to understand that I liked this show quite a bit. It's been a while since I watched a FX show. I tried The Bridge but I just couldn't get into it. I do however wonder the result of the girl cut in half from time to time. I think the last show I was committed to on FX was Nip/Tuck. Damn that was forever ago, but I think I just found something to replace it. Let me explain.

Summary: A man running from his past is clinging to the only family he knows--his wife, his son, and his daughter. But for his nephew's wedding, he decides to go back after 20 years to face his demons--his side of the family.

This show is set in a fictional country in the Middle East, with no big star names to head the show. The only actor I know is Justin Kirk and I can't remember from what. He just has one of those Iknowyoufromsomewhere faces. Kirk plays John Tucker, a U.S. diplomat, and I must say I do not trust him. But I am glad that this is a fake country, so the writers can't step on anyone's toes and I also like how they portray the U.S. We are neither good nor bad. Like I just said, I don't even trust our diplomat, but it's because Barry grew up in the states to run away from his problems paints the U.S. as a type of sanctuary for him.

Anyway, I kind of judged this show before I watched it. I read very little about it, but I knew it was based in the Middle East and I was like, "Well that's a very touchy subject at the moment. Can they really pull this off?" And I believe that they can and that they actually did. This is a very dark show, where you are exposed to very graphic scenes (rape, killing of young children, young children killing, etc) and I was just blown away by it. I know this happens in real life, but us, Americans, aren't really exposed to this unless we seek out the information on our own time. So I like shows like Tyrant that exposes us to the other side of the world. It's also nice to have a show that isn't your typical formula of a U.S. show (doctor/lawyer/detective).

Characters: I just had to add this section in because I was reading comments on other blogs and I just wanted to add my little say to it. Of course, I'm going to hate his brother. Once that rape scene was shown, I was planning his death scene in my head. The father is dead, but of course, I hated him as well. As for Barry's wife and kids, the daughter I do not mind and I think most people didn't as well. However, I do wonder what type of story line she will get since she doesn't have one yet.

As for the wife and son, there was a lot of hating going on. To me, I hated the son until I found out he was gay. I was like "Oh good, there's something interesting about you." However, I don't understand why he would like being over there. The Middle East isn't known to be friendly to homosexuals. So I'm guessing he's going to learn that the hard way. Comments were also focused on Barry slapping his son and someone commented that they would have slapped him harder. To me, I thought they were well deserved slaps. I have had plenty of those (that's what you get when you mouth off to your parents) it's open hand, at most it stings for a while. The wife made such a huge deal about it. Given, this was probably the first time he's ever done it; however, she made it into such a huge deal that it lead her to question who she married. Really, woman? Speaking of the wife...

The wife I feel like is annoying as f*ck. Why? Well because she keeps pushing him to do sh*t. Clearly, this man is going through some sh*t, so much so that it is written all over his face and in his mannerism. The worst part was the end, where she's basically questioning the future of their marriage. Seriously? She couldn't wait for a plane ride for them to discuss this? And I love how she brought up the fact that he keeps secrets from her about his family and now all of a sudden it's a problem. She married him knowing that he had issues with his side of the family and now she can't handle it? She's the one that pushed him to go to the wedding in the first place, so I totally blame her. Secretly, I'm hoping that she dies during this first season because I can't stand her. I thought she might get better in the next episode, but she doesn't. Still annoying as f*ck.

Judgement: This show started in June and I just got around to it now, so if you're like me and haven't given it a try yet, I suggest that you do, because this and Outlander are probably the two of the best new shows I've seen this summer so far.

I also wanted to add that I love how they show how he was the one that killed the man because it made me realize he wasn't running away from his past, but more like he was running away from his future. He didn't want to end up like his father, which is why his father said it should have been him. If I analyzed that scene correctly, I thought it was brilliantly played.

Diary: I will not be writing a diary for this because it's a controversial subject, so anything I say could lead to someone being offended and that's not my goal for this blog so I'm just going to steer clear from it. However, I did want to support and spread my words of wisdom about this show and that's why I wrote this review. So watch!

Luv ya,

P.S. Is anyone watching The Simpsons marathon on FX right now? I would have totally done it, if I thought I could make it through all of them. But this girl likes to party on a Friday night.

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