Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E9

Dear Diary,

Were you smiling too when you saw Carter and Elizabeth together at the diner? Because I know I was Diary. I can get used to seeing them getting along with each other.

Ofe, Ofe, Ofe, don't you know? A black eye will always look bad unless you own it. I love how everyone basically tells him to go to the cops. Since when were these teenagers so trusting of cops? Teenagers are so fickle. Speaking of a fickle teenager, Taylor has changed and Carter likes it. I say, I like it too. Taylor isn't the slutty teen or the teenager who makes bad choices. She's reasonable and, well, perfect. Usually I hate perfect girls, but there's a first for everything.

This will shock you, Diary. Elizabeth and David are fighting again, but this time over David's lies (big-ass hypocrite). I swear he's turning into the big bad wolf at this point. He never lies? Really, Elizabeth? The fact that you said that makes me think you don't know your husband at all. Man has probably finished Finding Carter already. He's probably been lying to you his whole life. Are you even sure his real name is even David? You might be a detective, but let's be honest, you're not that great of one if crazy-mom has been lurking in your bushes for a while and you still haven't noticed yet.

"Every way is the best way." Oh Max, who knew you could win for the best boyfriend ever. Having a perfect girlfriend is hard, but I have a feeling he's up for the task. And sure enough I was right.

Again, Armadillo is ignored. I swear this man is going to do something drastic, if he doesn't get the attention that he needs and deserves.

I fell asleep in my car listening to Elizabeth and David go at it all night. I swear, I thought at one point it was going to get Jay-Z and Solange up in that house, but it never happened. What did end up happening was Carter being told the truth about the book being written. Now she doesn't trust David. I never liked the bastard so...

That stupid tw*t of a mother. Who the f*ck checks someone else's messages? Oh there would be hell to pay. If I was Elizabeth, I would declare housewife war on that h*e. I'm not a nice person. Anyway, it turns out Carter is in jail for stealing Bird's mother's jewelry. Okay, that's it! I'm going to call Bird a b*tch and h*e too. How could she do that Carter after how she's treated her? These women give women a bad name and I'm just doing my civic duty in calling them by it.

Crash bails Carter out and destroys Finding Carter by tossing it in the wind as they drive to nowhere land. I hope this doesn't mean Elizabeth shuts off from the world again. I don't think I could stomach it. Maybe Carter missing Elizabeth will bring her back home. One can only hope Diary.

I think I'm going to go to the store to put cams in this house. I feel like I'm missing some of the action, literally.

Luv ya,

P.S. Diary, did you know 6 really likes = love? I swear, I learn something new every single day.
P.P.S. Were you counting the really's like I was?

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