Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (16)

Rumi: Sakiko… Sakiko… SAKIKO!!!
Sakiko: Huh? What?
Rumi: I finally caught up to you. Didn’t you hear me call your name?
Sakiko: Oh sorry.
Rumi: It’s okay. Is something wrong?
Sakiko: No, nothing is wrong.
Rumi: You’re lying. I can tell something is wrong. You didn’t scold me for being late. So what’s wrong?
Rumi: Sakiko.
Sakiko: I saw something.
Rumi: Okay.
Sakiko: I saw something that I shouldn’t have seen and now I don’t know what to do.
Rumi: Well, what did you see?
Sakiko: Forget it.
Rumi: Sakiko, this is obviously a burden for you so let me help you by lifting some of the weight off. Tell me.
Rumi: Does it have to deal with yesterday afternoon, when you were following Itoe and Natsue?
Sakiko: I saw… I saw them… KISS.

Rumi: Hahahaha…
Sakiko: This isn’t funny.
Rumi: Your eyes are playing tricks on you.
Sakiko: No, they’re not. I saw what I saw!
Rumi: Sakiko—
Sakiko: No, I know what I saw and I’m not wrong.
Rumi: Well maybe there is a logical explanation.
Sakiko: Like what?
Rumi: … I don’t know, but that can’t be the whole story.
Sakiko: And what if it is? That would explain why Natsue spends more time with Itoe than me. They have more than just a Master/Servant relationship.
Rumi: Let’s not jump to conclusions. Have you talked to them?
Sakiko: No and I’m not going to. The only thing I’m thinking about right now is if I should report them or not?
Rumi: What?
Sakiko: You can’t be… like that with your Servant.
Rumi: It’s no one else’s business. Why should it matter?
Sakiko: It matters. Masters have power over their Servants. If something like that were to happen, it would seem like the Master is taking advantage. That’s why the rule exists.
Rumi: There’s a rule?
Sakiko: Yes, you really need to start reading that book.
Rumi: I will.­­ Once I find it.
Sakiko: As far as I know, this happened only once before and it did not end well for anyone.
Rumi: All the more reason not to tell. I know you don’t want to hurt Natsue.
Sakiko: Of course not!
Rumi: Then don’t! Hear her side first and then decide.
Sakiko: I should go.
Rumi: Hear her out first Sakiko!

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