Saturday, August 30, 2014

Extant S1 E9 & E10

Dear Diary,

Are we still having this conversation? But it's dangerous. It's my child. I birthed it into this world and if anyone is going to take it out, it will be me. Okay, I made up that conversation, but you get the idea Diary. Kryger gets the idea that if Molly isn't going to play ball, then she might as well be stuck in the dugout. He traps Molly in the building. One side of my brain is saying go help her, but the other is saying, there is some crazy alien person out there giving people illusions. I'll stick to the car thank you very much. I did however see Sparks leaving in a hurry. He seemed to be talking to someone or something. You never know with this guy. I then saw Keen and Kryger leave together like the happy little couple they are.

Seriously what is taking Molly so long to get out of this building. What is she doing in there, climbing the walls? Finally after a couple of hours which seemed like forever, she finally comes out with a guy in handcuffs. I didn't know Molly was that kind of girl. I think I like her even more now. But then she gets a call from Yasumoto. What the hell does he want?

We drive back to Molly's house and Yasumoto tells Molly about everything that's been happening up until now. There she meets Dr. Nut who studied nuttiology. Please tell me you're smarter than this Molly. Don't trust Dr. Nut and Mr. Insane that's all I ask.

Great another road trip I have to follow them on. I didn't know 90% of species go out of existence. Now I know the human race is screwed. Well that's good to know...I guess. Next thing you know, the birds start going crazy and I mean crazy. They start attacking Molly's car and when the car spun out of control, she gets out and starts running to the diner they ate at earlier. Needless to say I wasn't invited, but whatever.

"The baby doesn't want me to be with him." If I didn't know you Molly, I would really think you're nuts. She gets caught. Seriously, who's surprised by this? She's taken to this weird campfire place. I saw Sparks there and I was surprised that Molly didn't kill him right then and there. Instead, she was taken into the hut and when she came out, girl was dazed. Did she get high in there?

I guess I'm not the only one hiding in these woods because I just saw Kryger and Keen hiding out. I'm guessing they were planning their attack. Yet once Molly comes out of the cabin, they strike. I guess something awoke Molly from her sleepwalk because then she started to react to her surroundings once again. Kryger was hit, but Sparks, a random ass woman, and the man-baby escaped. Kryger dies and I don't know how I feel about that. Maybe my lack of feelings is my feelings. I wonder where they're going next. I'll keep you posted Diary.

Luv ya,

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