Sunday, August 31, 2014

Legends Review S1 E3

Hey People,

This will be short since I've already did my extensive review about this show in the other 2 reviews. Instead I just wanted to say I watched it like I said I would. The fact that he was starting his mission right from the beginning is something that I like, which I previously stated before. However, my mind has not changed. This show is still average and unlike the past 2 episodes, this episode couldn't keep my interest in it at all. I actually started to do my homework instead of watching the show. That says a lot right there.

It seems like for this show each episode will dive into his legend more and more until I'm guessing he won't know who he is anymore. This is a bit different than my original guess, but I actually like this setup better.

Even though I may not be into this show not everyone will share my opinion so check the episode yourself and judge. However, this will be the last review I do for Legends as of right now.

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