Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tyrant Season 1 Review

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So I just finished the season finale and I thought I had one more episode to go but it turns out that I don't. My heart sank when I realized the last episode I just watched was the finale. This show good and I mean really good. It kept my interest throughout the entire season and progressed at a fair pace.

Tyrant ended on a note I didn't think they were going to take. I thought there could be a lot more material for the writers if there was a coup, but now that the jig is up, I wonder what Barry will do next. This show really dives into the whole do the ends, justify the means debate and I like having that discussion. Barry isn't as good as when we first encounter him, but we discover he is a man that looks at the big picture instead of the victims along the way. I'm guessing most people would agree with me when I say he would make a better president than his brother Jamal something that his father and Shiek saw as well. I don't think Barry is a man seeking power; however, that could change since his demeanor towards his wife has already been changing since he arrived in Abbudin.

I was hoping that Molly would have been killed this season (darn it!), but I thought her leaving and heading to the states would have made a good compromise. Well we all know that's not happening anymore, which is probably why the coup not happening was the biggest disappointment for me. She's still horrible a character and I love how she blamed Barry for the plane explosion saying that Barry didn't pull the trigger but he's still to blame. If you want to play the domino effect Molly, then it's her fault as well. It was her idea to come to Abbudin in the first place. Sammy is still annoying as ever and we can now add Jenna to the list. Emma is still the only one I like out of that bunch.

I didn't really talk much about Leila before so I want to now. I don't know this actress, but I do now. She is very beautiful that's for sure. However, her character is the biggest question mark for me. I know she stands by her husband, but at the same time I don't believe her. I mean one minute she's against her husband's doings because she thinks it will lead to his downfall and the next she's telling Barry that he should have been president. Obviously, she still has feelings for Barry and I'm hoping Tyrant explores that a little deeper next season, but I know for a fact if anyone is power hungry on this show, it is definitely her. It's funny how even though her character is power hungry, she doesn't backstab anyone or even creates trouble. That is very rare and may be the reason why I like her character so much even though I question her all the time.

Judgement: I will definitely watch the next season to see what happens next because I really want to know how Barry is going to get out of this predicament. Also, we all know he won't stand for his brother still being in power more now than ever since he won't have his lion tamer anymore. So now I'm wondering with the election still in place, will it be brother against brother? I guess we'll have to tune in next year to see.

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