Sunday, August 17, 2014

Legends Review

Hey People,

So I just watched Legends and guess what? Sean Bean didn't die in the first episode! Yea, we should all celebrate that fact because to be honest that's probably the only thing to celebrate in Legends. Let me explain.

Summary: Sean Bean's character is an undercover FBI agent who clearly has some problems if 3 out of 4 shrinks thinks he was unfit for duty. However, the 4th said he's a natural in deep undercover aka a Legend.

This show was surprisingly average. Why is that surprising? Well because Sean Bean is in it and I don't associate Sean Bean with average. I do however associate Sean Bean with death so I'll always watch out for that regardless if I watch this show or not. Nothing really stood out in the pilot except for the performance of Sean Bean with his undercover persona. I think he might give Tatiana Maslany a run for her money in dawning new characters, but it's still too early to tell.

I read some other comments and some really loved it and others were like me. What's so special about this show? Nothing. It dishes out exactly what you would expect from a show like this and adds nothing new. There were some viewers who did notice the mythology introduced and stated it may have been too early in the show to establish one. I love me some mythologies and even I had to agree with them. I barely knew these characters and we're already talking about mythologies. Establish the base of the show first people, but when you do, please do it with a twist.

Cast: The actors that I recognize are Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Goldeneye, and many, many more deaths), Ari Larter (Heroes) who many thought wasn't right for the part I thought she was okay, Amber Valletta (Hitch, Transporter 2), Steve Harris (Diary of a Mad Black Woman), Tina Majorino (Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy) who is always good at whatever she does, and apparently Morris Chestnut (and many movies) who wasn't even in the pilot episode.

Judgement: There are a lot of shows out there and as much as I would like to see Sean Bean, Tina Majorino, and sexy Morris Chestnut on the weekly basis, this show is just way too plain and average for me to watch. Especially since it'll end when fall shows start to come on. Sorry Legends, I just don't have time for you.

Diary: No Diary for you.

Luv ya,

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