Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Under the Dome Review

Hey People,

So usually I would write a diary entry for Under the Dome, but I don't think I can anymore. Let me explain. 

This show has seriously missed the mark this year. I feel like every episode there is a new environmental problem that they fix within the hour of watching. It also seems like drama is being created by force instead of actually making sense and happening naturally due to characters' personalities. Why would Joe kiss Melanie just to go back and tell Norrie he loved her? Why did Barbie not tell Julia about his plan to see what Big Jim and Rebecca were up to? Why is anyone on Big Jim's side when he tried to release a virus on everyone in town? This is what I call creating drama just to create drama and anytime that happens in a show, the show starts to go down in quality.

Then you have these new characters coming (and going since Sam just died this episode) from out of nowhere and then their personalities are horrible. I don't think there is one new character that I've liked so far. However, this would not stop me from watching a show. There are a lot of annoying characters on shows, but the bad ones are supposed to be outweighed by the good ones, but this show seems to lack in the good ones and has a bunch of mediocre.

But the real reason why I'm writing this piece is because of a little spoiler that I just heard. SPOILER ALERT! This season is going to end on a cliffhanger meaning that there will need to be a season 3 to get some type of closure. A season 3? I'm barely making it through this season and they expect me to be around for a third. This show was only supposed to be one season and because it was a summer hit they gave it a 2nd one. But I do have to say, the season 1 finale would have left me heated if it didn't get a season 2. But this is different. I'm not as invested into this show as I once was and knowing now that there needs to be a season 3, I don't think I can go any further. If this was the last season, I would finish the show, but they're banking on a 3rd season, even though they haven't been renewed yet.

Judgement: I would like to keep going with this show, but the way the story is going now, I just don't care. Seriously, a bunch of characters could have jumped off that cliff deep inside the locker (I don't know how you can build a school and not notice this), and I wouldn't care. I would probably say, "Who's next?" I just wanted to finish the show because I started it, but since I found out there needs to be a 3rd season, instead I want to say, "What else is on?"

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