Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E6

Dear Diary,

Well isn't that funny? Carter thought it was cute when Armadillo was talking about his girlfriend. Well I say it's kind of cute when Carter talks about Crash. Onward to Crash's place, which really isn't that much of a place.

I can't be at two places at once or four for that matter so I've decided to bug everyone. That way I can go home because I have a life too, Diary. I may be a stalker, but I'm a person first.

I guess we know now what part of the body decides who Gabe should date. Hint: It's not his brain or his heart. I guess it only takes a kiss for this lover boy to move on to his next crush. So Gabe is taking Taylor on a date. Never thought I would say that.

Max you were on a roll. This is the first time I had to say, 'That was an epic fail." I don't get it. Max is good at talking out his feelings. Now, he picks this moment to stay quiet. Don't let lover boy win, even though we all know he's not going to. Maybe Max and Taylor just have bad timing.

See if Crash and Carter were together for more than 5 minutes, then maybe I would buy into this whole lovey-dovey let me open myself up to you situation. So what should we call them? Carsh? Crater? Crater is the best I can do so I'm going to go with that. But seriously back to the lovey-dovey talk they were having. "You did destroy me, but I've never been happier." The whole time I was hearing this, I was rolling my eyes. Maybe I like a slow build like Max and Taylor (I refuse to give them a name until they get together) than the Quick N Easy Crater. (See what I did there?)

Another 5 minutes of bliss with Carter and Elizabeth. Is there anyway I can ship them? Not sexually, eww no. The whole time I've spent stalking this family, those mom and daughter moments are the ones I like the most. It almost makes me want to go hangout with my own mother. I said almost. But the mention of Crash brings those good ole 5 minutes to an end, since Carter finds out Crash is going to jail. Of course, this leads Carter to find Crash and have sex with him, since you know, they're not married so better do it now or wait 3 years until he gets out. And we all know teenagers and the word wait do not mix.

Golf course, I didn't think Gabe was that boring. What a poser, but at least the truth about Gabe and Taylor came out. They're brother and sister. This realization for Taylor led her to admit she really likes Max, but then she said Carter was her role model. I swear, one step forward and another step back with this girl.

When Crash showed up for his court date, I do have to say I was honestly shocked. I'm glad Elizabeth gave him a second chance (well actually third since this was his 2nd time being caught). Maybe Crash can grow on me.

I would probably feel bad for David if it weren't for the fact that he's lying to everyone about his book. I'm also wondering how Elizabeth is going to get out her lie. But how did David know to open the envelope? Did he bug Elizabeth too?

As much as I would like to know whether Carter is leaving or not, don't we already know the answer?

Luv ya,

P.S. Is Crash a masochist? Man visits his least favorite place all the time and drives a truck by choice.

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