Monday, August 11, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (14)

Sakiko: I need to learn silent language.
Rumi: Do you mean sign language?
Sakiko: No silent, they don’t use their hands to talk.
Rumi: Oh, you’re talking about Itoe and Natsue.
Sakiko: Who else? I need to separate those two.
Rumi: Why? They seem so happy together.
Rumi: But it’s not like Natsue is unhappy with you. What I mean is why do you have to break them up? Can’t you play fair?
Sakiko: I’ve been playing fair and obviously it’s not working. It’s time to step up my game.
Rumi: What does that entail? Stalking them in the bathroom?
Sakiko: Ha ha… funny but no and I do not stalk.
Rumi: Then what do you call a person who follows two other people wherever they go?

Sakiko: It’s called observing and I follow them because I join in on whatever they’re doing.
Rumi: Well maybe you should stop joining in.
Sakiko: You are absolutely right!
Rumi: I am?
Sakiko: I’ve been going about this the wrong way. I have a plan now.
Rumi: No, no I was wrong.
Sakiko: Instead of me joining them, I should observe and learn from Itoe.
Rumi: I was definitely wrong!
Sakiko: That way I find out Itoe’s secret and do it way better than her and Natsue won’t be able to stay away from me.
Rumi: Why aren’t you listening to me?
Sakiko: Then I’ll finally have the smile that you’ve been wearing all day.
Rumi: This is going to go…wait what smile?
Sakiko: The smile seen a mile away. Anyway, after school I’ll follow them.
Rumi: So you’ll follow your daily ritual.
Sakiko: Because you gave me the idea, I’ll let that one slide.
Rumi: Just report back to me this time. If anything goes wrong call me.
Sakiko: Yes ma’am! I’ll report to my post, later today.
Rumi: Where’s your post?

Sakiko: The bushes!

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