Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E7

Dear Diary,

Did somebody say birthday? And party? Oh this is going to be good. And wouldn't it be great if you could turn another age in half the time back? Of course now, I wish I would age every 2 maybe 4 years. It would be so awesome if my birthday was on leap year.

I've never seen a mother down with her daughter cheating on her husband. I don't even know what to say about that, but what I do have to say is I love Taylor's speech. Right on the nose.

Hello Macy's, I didn't even know that you existed until this very moment when I walked in and saw your name plastered on the back of the wall. I also didn't know you could have great family moments in the dressing rooms. I'm sorry but all baby pictures look the same to me, but apparently Carter can tell the difference. I kind of love the double team Max and Taylor put on Carter. Hell, I just love Max and Taylor together and since they finally got together I can give them a name. I really want to call them Tax, but Maylor seems to spreading. Really people?
Armadillo why do they treat you so badly. You totally don't deserve it. Oh Crash, are you the knew Grant, as in you're going to annoy me everyday? And Grant, are you the new low standard for men who are pointless or are you crawling your way down there? Well, at least he treated Armadillo nicely. Maybe there's hope for him after all.

For two detectives, you think they would be smart enough not to use Armadillo's room. No wonder they can't find Lori. She's been right outside this whole time hiding in the bushes. I see her sometime. Sometimes she takes my spot and I become not a very happy camper.

Again, I wish I could find the father and daughter moment sincere, but David involved means he's just going to write about it later. And since I have some great hacking skills, I just hacked myself into the phone call Lori and David were having and it seems like there was definitely some animosity there and it wasn't all from the kidnapping, if you know what I'm saying.

Luv ya,

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