Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (15)

Sakiko: Not too close, not too close. Oh! Did they see me? Okay, my cover is still not blown. I still have no idea where they’re going. They’ve stopped. What store did they just go in? I need to get closer. A book store? How boring is that? Well since they’ll here I might as well find out what she likes. I can’t see anything through this window. I need get closer. I need to go inside, but they’ll see me if I do. But if I don’t, I won’t find out what Natsue likes. I have to go in, I have to know. Maybe if I stand behind the bookshelves they won’t notice me. This is a good spot. Now if I just lean in a little bit more. What’s that noise? My phone! Ahh!
Natsue: Hmm….
Natsue: It’s probably nothing. I thought I just heard Master Sakiko’s phone right now.
Natsue: I wouldn’t be surprised if she was here either, but she would have joined us by now. I still feel like someone is watching us ever since we left school.
Natsue: Yea, you’re probably right. It’s all in my head.
Natsue: I’m so glad you thought that because so am I.
Natsue: That sounds great Master Itoe! Lead the way!
Sakiko: Why are you calling me?
Rumi: To see how everything is going. I thought your plan would be ruined by now.
Sakiko: Well it isn’t and it would be a lot better if you didn’t call me. You could have ruined everything. I was so close to being discovered.
Rumi: Sorry. But in my defense, you’re not that good of a stalker if you don’t even put your phone on vibrate.
Sakiko: I am not a stalker!
Rumi: But you’re not an amateur either.
Sakiko: True.
Rumi: So what have you learned so far?
Sakiko: Not that much really. They’ve been walking around a lot and it’s been really quiet, but I can’t tell if they like the silence or if they’re chatting away like crazy. Darn you silent language. I may not know English that well but I will know you.
Rumi: What else?
Sakiko: Just that Natsue likes it when Itoe arrives late and did I tell you that they like walking a lot because I feel like I’ve been walking for miles.
Rumi: Why would she like someone being late?
Sakiko: I don’t know because anytime you’re late when we hang out I just want to smack you over the head.
Rumi: Thanks for not doing that.
Sakiko: You’re welcome.
Rumi: So where are you now?
Sakiko: At some bookstore. I was just about to find out what type of books they like when you chimed in.
Rumi: Sorry.
Sakiko: It’s okay. At least this way if I get caught I can act like it was a coincidence—where did they go?
Rumi: Yea… you’re stalker skills need some work.
Sakiko: Not a stalker. They were right here. I’ll call you back.
Rumi: Just forget about th—
Sakiko: There not in the bookstore so where could they have gone? We came from this side so they probably went right. They probably kept going straight on the main road. Settle down stomach! I really could go for something to eat right about now. Wait. If I’m hungry, then maybe they are too. I should check the restaurants and cafés here. Where can they be? Not here. Not there. Not here either. Not here again. Ahh! Not he—wait is that them? They look so happy together. You know what? Maybe… just maybe I should… maybe I should join them after all. They look way too happy and I can’t fall behind. I can’t lose to Itoe. No! It would be wrong for me to do that. They look cheerful together. I can’t ruin that. Instead, I have to know why. Why do they have that smile? The same one Rumi has. I want to make Natsue smile like that. I must resist. Calm down, just stay calm. Walk-in and stay calm. Oh, I need something to hide my face. Menu! Now where is the closest booth to them? This is good. I feel like an actual pro now.
Waitress: Welcome! Can I—
Sakiko: Go away! The nerve of her, can’t she see I’m on a stakeout? Back to work. Okay, now what are they drinking? I see Itoe’s shake but I don’t see Natsue’s drink. I guess Natsue doesn’t like drinking shakes. Note to self: Buy a shake in front of Natsue and drink it. Wait! Are those two straws? Why would they share the same drink?! I didn’t know they were that close! Note to self: Scratch that last one. Now what do I do? I guess… I guess I should go home.
Sakiko: What am I doing? I should never have followed them. There’s no point. Itoe was being herself and I have to do the same. There’s no reason for me not to win her. When is this stupid train coming? I want to get out of here as fast as possible. There are so many people, must be time for everyone to go home. All I want to do is just go home.
Sakiko: It still amazes me how many people they can fit in one car. I feel squished and if anyone tries anything with me. Oh, they will get it! I… can’t… MOVE! A-ha! I see an opening. Now if I can just get there. Just a little bit to the left and just a tad to the right and I might reach it. Just a little farther. Almost there. Almost… there. Yes! Made it. Hmm… is that Natsue and Itoe? Funny, when I don’t want to see them, they find me. Itoe must be taking her home. She is a good Master. Ouch!
Announcer: Sorry folks, an unexpected stop. We will continue on schedule.
Sakiko: Agh! What a great way to end my day. It really can’t get any worse. I wonder if Natsue is alright. Natsue!?

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