Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chuck Reply

Hey People,

Chuck Season 3 Poster
So I got asked a really good question today and because my reply got really long I decided to post it. Plus, it's a really, really good question to share.

MR2686 Forever says: What can you say about Chuck other than it was the best show on TV, PERIOD!!!  Just another example of why NBC should not be allowed to make decisions about their shows.
Anyway, I am curious (and in a good way) about two things.  First, why you think season 3 is the best?  Most of the angry segment of Chuck fans (I am not one of them) hate that season, and the misery arc, and rate it almost unwatchable.  I on the other hand, like it very much but do think that some of the other seasons are stronger.  Second, I'm assuming by your comment that you disliked the finale Chuck VS The Goodbye?  This kind of surprises me after reading many of your blog entries, and I thought you would have appreciated the sweet and bitter sweet as well as the emotionally charged ending.  To me, Goodbye was not only the best episode of Chuck, but the best ending of any series.  I know it polarized the fan base, but it resonated with me and many others.

Well first off I think Chuck was unlucky to begin with. Chuck started during the whole writers strike so they got a shorter season than they were supposed to right from the get go. I think NBC was lenient to Chuck only because I know they weren't doing that great later on in the seasons, but they kept on renewing them (but gave me tiny heart attacks waiting to hear it though). To me, 5 seasons is a good number. I remember thinking I was okay with that decision when I heard the 5th season would be their final. 

I didn't even know that most people didn't like the 3rd season. I never heard any backlash on it. One of the reasons why season 3 is my favorite is because my favorite episode is in it--Chuck vs. the Other Guy. Sarah and Chuck finally get together for good (you know until that season happened; we shall not speak its name). Also another reason is because it also has one of the saddest--Chuck vs. the Subway (oh, man when it was Monday, I was totally eating one of those while I watched). Overall, I thought it was a good season because you got to see Chuck grow into being something other than the guy that tagged along and didn't wait in the car. He actually became an asset to the team. I guess I like the fact that not only was he growing as a character, but so was his relationship with Sarah. You could argue that it's been growing since the beginning, but I like that it grew to the point that it dawned on them how much they meant to each other and admitted it to each other (fornication commence!). And of course the store blows up that was just epic.

If that surprised you, then there's something you need to know about me. I hate open endings. To tell you the truth, I hate cliffhangers. I see them as a gimmick to get people to come back when it's not necessary. If their show is good, I will come back. It's only 3 months. What kind of memory do they think we have? The reason for my hatred is because what if the show gets cancelled? Then I don't get a conclusion and it's left unresolved. Even if they aren't in danger of cancellation, end this chapter of the story and start fresh with another. Now I'm not saying every show should treat its season finale as a series finale, but I think they should conclude the season and maybe leave a little hint or mystery to what may happen next and then dive into it next season. H*ll, sometimes before I read a book, I try to find out the ending so I know if I should read it or not. I'm a person that needs closure. What can I say? Apparently a lot since I wrote this much already.

I do love me some emotional feels, but I feel like the Sarah at the end of the series is not the same Sarah I grew to love, nor the one that grew to truly love someone else. The ending to me is equivalent to Chuck meeting a girl at the last minute and kissing her on the beach. Who is this chick? The romantic in me wants to believe the kiss brought back all her memories, but ugh, there's no proof of that. It could have been anything a small gesture or comment, anything that suggested she might. But even then, we're not even sure they'll get back together and that bugs me the most.

So now I ask you, why do you like the finale so much and what order would you list the seasons?

Luv ya,

P.S. I guess I spoke it's name.