Friday, September 19, 2014

The Mysteries of Laura Pilot Review

Hey People,

So I heard so much about this show that I was just dying to watch it. Did I mention all the things I heard were bad? Do I agree with them? Well that's another question that I'll answer, but first...Let me explain.

Summary: Mom + Detective = Mom Detective. I know lame, but that's all I got.

Okay right off the bat I was like another cop show, great. I have a tiff about all cop, lawyer, doctor shows. It's hard for me to like them because they're so many of them and I just know there will be more for me to watch, but this is the first of the bunch. I should also mention that when I watch cop shows like these, if they are not different than what's on right now, then there is a very likely chance that I won't be watching another episode.

From this moment forward, the review starts. I love me some McG, the man behind Chuck, and I did get a feel like this show was trying to be Chuck in a way, with the case of the week and the funny comedic moments. The good thing is those funny moments worked very well. It had me giggling like an idiot and Debra Messing does a great job with it, as she should. However, one thing this show lacked was the charm of Chuck and that won't be easily duplicated. Now I don't know if it's because I came in with no hope for this show, but I thought it wasn't that bad. At least not as bad as some critics are making it to be.

The turn at the end actually got me, but simultaneously I was thinking why didn't I think of that since I saw the cast list and Enrico Colantoni wasn't on there. Darn me and my nonthinking ways. Anyway, I seriously wish she wasn't a mother. Not that she isn't a good mother (her son confirmed it), but it's just that I don't feel like it was needed. Her husband is enough of a man child to fill that void. Having her kids (twins?) I think just causes more chaos, not only in her life, but also for the viewers to watch. I did read a comment about how this show should have been a comedy and 30 mins long. I was thinking of B99 when watching this so I thought it was interesting someone brought it up.

Of course, the famous Debra Messing (Smash, Will & Grace) is the lead and you may also know Laz Alonso (Avatar) and Janina Gavankar (The Gates, True Blood).

Judgement: I liked it for what it was and will continue to watch for as long as it entertains me. So it gets a pass for now, but if it slows down, then it's bye-bye for you.

Diary: I really don't see the point in writing for cop shows. You solve a mystery and then you're done, so no diary.

Luv ya,

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