Friday, September 19, 2014

Finding Carter S1 E12

Dear Diary,

Zip codes have another 4 digits to them? You learn something every day. Lori, you freak. Why do you have pictures of the young couple back in the day? You are serious stalker. I should learn from you. She should be my mentor. What am I saying? B*tch is crazy.

Aww, Elizabeth keeps David's love letters. So I guess they're really going to give this marriage another go. I wonder if there's any other secrets David is still hiding. Me thinks there is. I'm talking about that phone conversation Diary. I still remember.

Lori is not only a kidnapper, but a stalker. The only good thing that comes out of it is Carter is willing to catch her now.

Even better news, Max is awake!

Lori next time you wear a wig choose one that doesn't stand out from the crowd. I'm seriously asking myself how did you not get caught on you're way over. You're no pro! You just a wanna be. I'll break down the conversation for you Diary.

Carter: Mom, WTF?
Lori: This house is way too nice. I missed you baby.
Carter: Mom, you're a psycho.
Lori: Is that what they told you? Lies! You need to find the truth.
Carter: That's funny coming from you.
Lori: Take this and shove it up their asses, but don't give yourself a paper cut in the process.
Carter: Gross.
Lori: I'm still your mom?
Carter: F*ck no!
Lori: Que catch phrase with tears.

And that sums it up pretty well.

Armadillo is forgotten again. What else is new?

Oh Max, seeing yourself shot won't solve your issues and being mean to Taylor isn't helping. Elizabeth is right. You do need help, professional help and Taylor shouldn't leave school because of you. And you realized this and did the impossible--you broke up with Taylor. It's one of the nicest breakups I've ever seen. I wish my break ups were that nice.

Nothing says I love you like being drugged by your so called mother. I guess she's teaching you why to never take drinks sent over to you. Rule #1 It could be drugged. What will Elizabeth do now to get her daughter back? I'm thinking Commando Diary. I' guess we'll just have to wait a very long time to find out.

Luv ya,

P.S. Did the Dead Poets Society comment pull your hear like it did mine?
P.P.S. Did those photos seem photoshopped to you, because they did to me.

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