Saturday, September 20, 2014

Extant S1 E13

Dear Diary,

So Ethan might have a bomb in him, you say? Excuse me, while I get as far away as possible from him. I don't understand you people. You say he might have a bomb planted in him, but you act like it's normal to be close to him right now. They are so strange Diary.

I forgot about Molly going into space. I don't know why she would agree to it. It seems suicidal to me and I can't go with her. I guess I just have to watch from Earth or maybe I'll go spy on Ethan and John. I know I should get as far as possible from Ethan, which would mean joining Molly, but since I can't do that I might as well follow John and the crew.

There was a close call with Ethan. Man almost blew us all up. I hate children. Human or not, they all act the same. Now that it's been confirmed that Ethan does have a bomb in him, you'd think they would remove it, but it turns out they can't because it might blow us all up in the process.

John calls station to be updated on Molly's mission only to find out that they evacuated the building because of her child and the chick is on her own. Ethan comes up with a great idea. He can't be manipulated by the child, so he should go into ISEA.

Alien baby vs. Android baby

It could have been a better showdown if it wasn't for Ethan's bomb exploding, but before that happened, Ethan freed Molly from Ben's statistics. She was able to come back up due to Ethan literally turning up the heat, which caused a reaction to the bomb.

But Ethan lives on and now is a living virus. Whatever happened to the alien baby? Well he was adopted by a nice black family. The End.

I guess I'm done stalking this family now, but I'll still continue to look at Molly from afar. Later Dairy.

Luv ya,

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