Sunday, September 21, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (18)

Kimi: What are you doing here?
Megumi: What? Rumi can visit, but I can’t?
Kimi: I’ll tell you what I told her, you shouldn’t be here.
Megumi: I waited until everyone left. Besides, I wanted to see you in those shorts.
Kimi: I hope you got a good look because I’m leaving.
Megumi: What did she want?
Kimi: Nothing important.
Megumi: It must’ve been if she came all the way over here.
Kimi: She invited us to hang out this weekend.
Megumi: Why? It’s not like we’re friends.
Kimi: But you guys could be.
Megumi: Or do you mean to say she could be friends with you. Tread lightly.
Kimi: You warned me before; I don’t need another reminder. But it’s not like I could just flat out reject her either.
Megumi: We should go. People need start seeing us as the One True Pair anyway. Why not start now?
Kimi: You just want to show off.
Megumi: Well that doesn’t hurt either.
Kimi: You warned me, so now I’m going to warn you. You mess with her, you lose me.
Megumi: Seems like the problem we’re having is Rumi, so why don’t we just get rid of her entirely.
Kimi: What?
Megumi: We both leave her alone. We both win. You get what you want and I get what I want.
Kimi: Then why are we still going?
Megumi: Because if you don’t say goodbye then you’ll do it some other day, behind my back. At least this way it’s on my terms. This locker room smells. If I stay here another minute, it’ll end up on my uniform.
Kimi: Who knew #49 could be such a threat to #1.
Megumi: Don’t push it and don’t forget who you’re talking to. There is only one Master in this pair. 

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