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Hey People,

Out with the old, in with the new. We have a newcomer tonight.

Say hello to our newcomer, State of Affairs. I seen so much advertisment for this that they really can't blame that as a reason for why it fails, if it does actually fail.

Starring Katherine Heigl, who I haven't seen on TV since Grey's Anatomy and Alfre Woodard, who is always lovely to watch.

The last thing I need is another political show, but I try to give everything a try at least once. So here's your try State of Affairs. Don't disappointment me.

I'll have a review of this later in the week.

S1 E5
So Jane moves out of the house and into fiance's. Felt really bad for her mother the whole time. Yes, she lied, but she only did it to protect Jane. Being a 16 year old girl is not easy. Being a 16 year old pregnant girl is a 1000x harder. Jane tries to get to know her father, but something they have in common is they both expect perfection, but perfection only exists in fantasy. Eventually, they'll get the hang of being a father and daughter. But for now at least Jane can replace the Smits picture with the one of her father and her as a baby. I couldn't stop laughing at that.

Baby-daddy told the truth about his marriage to Jane and how he plans to divorce Petra. Jane, like always, had a picture in her head of a perfect family for her baby, which we all know isn't true at all. After the talk with Jane's father, she realizes nothing is perfect and she wanted to be a part of this baby's life. So now it'll Jane, baby-daddy, and fiance. Maybe not the fiance since Jane found out fiance knew the whole time about Petra having the affair and he didn't tell her. To be honest, I was kind of on fiance's side. What is with women not understanding just because he's your boo doesn't mean he has to tell you everything that relates to his job (see Gotham). Keep your personal life separate from her business life especially when you're a cop. However, he didn't have to lie after she found out. The only good thing is it led Jane to go back to her mother for comfort.

Petra has sank to a new low. She's now claiming abuse. But damn, that was a straight up punch. Meanwhile, no-face-man killed another person. Does anyone else want another subtitles for feelings not said. I want that in all my shows now.

Almost forgot, fiance's brother is asking for $2000 and is dating Jane's best friend. I just can't picture the fiance stealing cars.

S1 E8
Last week had a really fun episode that I enjoyed very much. The case-of-the-week was a mix of Saw and The Office all rolled into one. Gordon and Bullock knew right away who the killer was which is a change up to what we usually have (trying to find out who the killer is). The only problem is they couldn't prove it. But once Gordon found their fighting spot it was all over for the killer. I actually love how Bullock stood up for Gordon and got the police force to actually help out and do their damn jobs for once, but by the time they get there, everything was under control. Actually, I can even argue that Gordon didn't need their help at all. I know the whole point of this episode for them was to prove you can't do it alone, but I think they proved the opposite for me. Gordon will clean the streets and put anyone who breaks the law behind bars, even if they do help the police from time to time. And now we know he can do it alone.

Bruce goes to school and has to deal with bullying and he flips out over a your mama joke. You got to love Alfred's parenting skills though. He actually drives Bruce to the bully's house so Bruce could hit him, just so the boy knows Bruce could kill him. Messaged received? Oh, and now Alfred is going to teach Bruce how to fight. I'm guessing not that well since someone else trains him when he's older. I hope this wasn't the moral of the story. Meanwhile, Cat gets caught breaking and entering and guess who she calls for help?

Over on the bad side of town, Mooney and Penguin meet to set up terms. Mooney tells Penguin that he better pray Falcone stays alive for his sake. I bet he does because we all know who Penguin really works for. It goes in this order Maroni < Falcone < Penguin. Penguin finds out that Mooney has someone close to Falcone and Mooney finds out another piece to her puzzle that we still don't know the details to yet. However, it does seem like her secret weapon is becoming soft, but that lie kind of helped. It wasn't all a lie. I'm guessing the part about her mother entertaining was correct, but her mother is still alive and singing apparently.

Back at home, Barbara leaves because Gordon hung up before she could say "I love you". This girl is ridiculous. First she wanted to know everything, and now that she knows, she's so scared, she's pointing guns at anyone who doesn't turn on the lights as soon as they enter. I hope she never returns, until she's ovulating and h*rny and just wants to have a baby. What can I say? I really, really, really want my Batgirl.

More Nygma, more Nygma!

S7 E6
Let's talk about this episode that to me was supposed to be the episode that would go down as one of the best episodes to date. It definitely wouldn't be in my top 10 and I'm not even sure it would make it in my top 50. Here are my problems in no particular order.

  • The case-of-the-week was probably the weakest part of the episode. I'm not talking about how Castle went into alternate universe (I liked that), I am talking about the fact that it circled around an artifact gone missing and then they solved it once they went to coal factory. Yes, some cases are solved quickly in real life, but this is a TV show and I expect there to be some excitement. This has to be one of the worst cases on Castle and is definitely the worst case so far this season (not including the story-arc, but I have to say it may be worse). I know that it would have been a cliche, but I rather have seen Castle hit his head and was dreaming the whole time than this. The case-of-the-week just needed to be more interesting like the invisible coat. Some people thought the case-of-the-week was too long and didn't give enough time to the wedding. I actually didn't mind it. I meant how much time are they supposed to give to a wedding that was spontaneous? The episode was 10 minutes longer than usual (52 mins), so the case was pretty long since the actual wedding only took about 5 mins, but I don't think people would have cared as much if it was an interesting case, which it wasn't.
  • That green screen. Anytime I focused on them my eyes would just move on their own to the background. It was just so bright, oh so distracting and fake. The only good thing is I could hear what they were saying (I loved their vows), but I couldn't focus on their faces if my life depended on it. Speaking of focusing, when Kate walked down the aisle or whatever that was, I was shocked she was in pants, but I thought she looked good. At least from the front she did, the back was another story. That bow on her butt had to go. It was the only thing that was bugging me about her wedding suit.
  • I get they only invited family, but it just felt so wrong not to have Lanie, Esposito, and Ryan there. The viewers consider them family and it felt like a betrayal. A commenter even suggested the writers can write L, E & R giving the cold shoulder to Mr. & Mrs. Castle for weeks to come as punishment. All I have to say about it is work family is family too, especially if they are your closest friends.
I want to end on a good note so let me say what I loved, the vows, the alternate universe (what was different from reality), and (even though I didn't care for it) the wedding. Was I the only one who thought Alexis should keep her dark hair? It made her eyes pop and darn it, she looked hot.

Hopefully, the honeymoon tonight will be 1000x better. It can only get better.

Luv ya,

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