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Hilarie Burton was on fire last week playing the seductress S&M therapist. Makes me want to sign up for a session and I hate pain. Her and Henry's chemistry was hot and I'm glad we didn't get to see the jealous side of Jo, just a very curious one. I hope we'll see more of Burton in the future.

There was also another very gorgeous woman last week that even at her age she's still very much in her prime. Jane Seymour played as Abe's ex-wife, twice divorced. When they rekindle their flame, the ex wants to take a trip around the world with Abe, but he decides his place is in New York with Henry. I wondered how the show was going to pull off their Henry and Abe's relationship to his wife, but I guess them not meeting at all explains that, but I still wonder, how long has she known about Henry?

We learn from Henry's past that his first wife learns about his immortality and doesn't believe him and sends him to the madhouse and that's what starts his trust issues.

The case-of-the-week was about S&M and how it can be very therapeutic. When a jealous client goes cray-cray and kills another client for taking his spot for sessions, you know you have a crazy one on the loose. Because of the chemistry between the therapist and Henry, the client changes his focus on Henry and makes him his target and that leads to his downfall.

I'm going to save the best for last and I know you know what I'm talking about. This episode is all about Shaw and I usually don't like episodes that deviate from the norm as in the mythology, but for her I'm willing to make an exception.

Shaw decides to break up with her gangs of thieves since they were a bunch of idiots anyway. But Shaw sets her eyes on someone else instead. The new number turns out to be just Shaw's type--a troublemaker. This man knows how to steal, but he's also a man with morals as we later find out. There are just some things that shouldn't be stolen. When Shaw is takes the place of the previous gang member she uses this to her advantage to get to know the number, so much so that he actually asks her to come along with him when the job was done.

Speaking of the job, let me remind you what previously happened. The crew couldn't tell if the number was a victim or a perpetrator, but when your team is paid more money to kill you, even if you're a thief, you become an instant victim. They soon find out that not only is his old team member trying to kill him, but Shaw's old buddies from the relevant numbers are also hot on their trail. Good thing Shaw trained one to not just take orders, but to actually think. They got away, but I can't say the same for the other guys. Even though Shaw's student erased the file, Samaritan brought it back and is now trying to identify who Shaw is.

Harold and Root worked on raining on Samaritans parade by destroying this good idea with a bad root (see what I did there?). A man who just wants to do some good in his life creates a non-profit organization for children so that each student can have a tablet. Of course, Samaritan thought it was a good idea because she gets to watch the growing children. More eyes for her to see with, but Harold and Root took care of that little problem, by frying the machine and no way the government is going to dish more money to the project. But Fitch struggles with what he did. Do the ends, justify the means?

Finally, so much sexual tension I don't think Shaw knew what to do. I love the funny moments we got see with Root being jealous of Shaw's attraction to the number. Flirtation was just unbearable. Gotta love the fake out Shaw gave to Root when Root asked her if she came to see her. Shaw follows danger. She's just attracted to someone who can put her in harms way, which is why she was so attracted to the number. However, I think she does care about Root more than she lets on and as long as neither of them go anywhere, I don't mind the flirtation continuing, for now (eventually someone has to give).

There were a few cases last week, one being a girl in an accident with her car upside down, another car accident but this time with a man that took crack, and finally the case-of-the-week with the pedophile (which you actually had to watch the other 2 shows, SVU and Chicago P.D., to see what happened, which luckily I did for you if you didn't).

But first let's see what's been up with the characters. Biggest news is Severide got married and he's a very happy man. Most of the crew thinks his marriage will be shorter than Kim Kardashian, but by the end of the episode you saw why they got married in the first place. They saved each other and I think that's what will make them last. At first, I wasn't on board, but after that scene I think it'll work out. I also think that their relationship will probably last longer than Casey and Dawson's, who probably will never get married since as Serveride put it, they are hiding. Do they really want to get married or they just using the 1st year excuse to put things off? I think that's what Dawson is asking herself, while Casey is being jealous that Serveride can even get married. I actually thought Dawson was the one that was going to be jealous and was surprised when it was Casey.

Newhouse needed money so his daughter could go to a academic team debate and tried to get by trailing a man to see if he passed the state borderline. His car got a good beating out of it, but it wasn't worth his life. The crew passed the boot and he got enough money to send his little girl.

Cruz and Brett had a fun interaction as well, with the whole zumba class. Who knew Cruz could dance like that. I wish, however, that Brett asked for a percentage in Molly's instead of just being their cook.

Case-of-the-week: On SVU, I have to say it was definitely interesting to watch, very emotional that's for sure. I think SVU and Chicago P.D. work better together than adding Chicago Fire into the mix. I don't think it was even necessary to even start with Chicago Fire. Anyway, We start with the fire department putting out a fire to a house and Severide saves a man that was holding on to a box of child pornography and that's when the police department take over. Lindsey from Chicago P.D. recognizes a boy in one of the photos and it turns out to be her runaway half-brother, who last she heard, had moved to NYC. That's where the SVU start their case.

Lindsey and her partner go to NYC to investigate with the unit and they do find her brother, who's still in the life--prostitution. With the help of the brother and another victim who were victims of pedophilia 10 years ago, they help bring down the ring in New York. The only problem is this was just a small part of it and the big one is back in Chicago. It was fun watching Voight try to interrogate. You can threaten to beat the living shit out of them, but you can't actually do it (this is why I quit Chicago P.D. in the first place). The SVU episode ends with us finding out the man, who dropped the box filled with kiddy porn was killed along with a police officer.

Back in Chicago, the ring had the same setup. There was a chain to get kids coming in and into New York, but when the perps behind it were found out one way or another it led to their deaths, so the big guns had to come in. Voight called in Benson and even in Chicago she shut down Voight's interrogation tactics once they identified the ring leader (she didn't want her record tainted). In the end, her skills worked and the pedophilia ring was no more. See Voight, you don't have to beat the crap out of people just to get them to talk.

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