Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Blacklist Midseason Recap

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Okay so in case you've miss the recaps for The Blacklist already, here is a review of the fall finale for our beloved show. Well, to be totally honest, I want to write this recap now while the show is still fresh in my head, then later when I can't remember a thing because remember people, this show won't be back until Feb 1st.

The episode starts off with us finding out how Liz kept Tom alive and held him captive all this time, which was definitely needed so I liked seeing that. I'm surrised it took them this long to show it. Then we had another walk down memory lane, but this time with Red, Berlin, and Berlin's daughter. That's how we come to find out about the Decembrist. Why is he named after a month? I don't know, but for some reason it bugged me that we didn't find out the answer to it. The Decembrist helped Berlin's daughter escape her father's grasp and he also set Berlin against Red, which is why Red wants to find him so bad. Red reminds Liz and Berlin that the man they need to settle a score with is the Decembrist.

Meanwhile, Tom gets found out by this sweet old man, who was just checking up on the boat. When the C.I. comes back from his smoke break he discovers the man and ties him up. Liz and crew find out who the Decembrist is and tells Red unoffically since the U.S. doesn't want to get itself involved with a powerful Russian (real life begs to differ). Liz then leaves to deal with Tom. Everyone tells Liz to just kill the guy to solve the situation, but Tom takes the matter into his thighs (see what I did there?) and kills the guy.

Berlin and Red set up a meeting with the Russian, not to his knowledge. Red realizes quickly that he's not the Decembrist and when push came to shove, he gave up the name Alan Fitch. Hey, we know that name. It's the guy that we know has some sort of deal with Reddington. Berlin now has his eyes on Fitch, but Red wants him all to himself. Who will get to him first?

Red sends a bouquet of flowers to Fitch as a sign that he wants to meet with him. The deal was Red doesn't go after Fitch and vice versa., but Ficth reminds Red that Berlin predates that agreement. Red tells Fitch a story about how the stewmaker (glad they explained that one) took a picture of Berlin's daughter and sent it to Berlin in a locket and the man behind it all was Fitch. So I'm guessing this story is true then. Fitch tells Red that he tried to uphold their agreement, but Berlin couldn't be controlled and now Berlin is coming for him. Red decides to work with Fitch because his problem is also Red's problem. If Fitch dies, there's no holding back his posse from coming after Red (Red has dirt on them and we still don't know what yet).

Fitch gets taken by Berlin's people. Seriously, I think that was just way too easy of a take to be honest. Red visits Liz and informs her that he knows Tom is alive and she has only kept him alive because she still loves him even after the fact. Liz doesn't agree. She thinks Tom has been valuable with giving her information, which is true when he does give it, which is rare.Liz goes to Tom and asks where Berlin is hiding. Tom will only help Liz if he gets released and Liz agrees. Liz tells Ressler about holding Tom captive all this time. When Liz releases Tom, he tells her the address. The FBI find Fitch, but Berlin left a present for the FBI by attaching an explosive around Fitch's neck.

Liz tells Ressler that she will be the one to tell Cooper what she's done, but when asked about how she came about the information, Ressler tells them it was Reddington, who was the informant. Reddington finds Berlin's daughter again because he knows Berlin would only come out of hiding for his daughter. The daughter sets up a meeting with Berlin and Red crashes the party and gives the daughter a new identity for her help. Red asks Berlin how to stop the bomb, but even he doesn't know.

The bomb has a timer on it and they don't know when it may go off. Fitch has had too many people die under him 763 people have died and that's enough for him. He asks to speak with Reddington and tells him the group isn't scared of him as they once were. They're not even sure he has the Fulcrum (whatever that is) and they are going to demand proof. Fitch tells Red about the safe and then blood everywhere inside the box.

Red shares one last bottle with Berlin and then shoots him dead. He visits Liz on the boat and tells her the situation of the body was being taken cared of. Liz finally admits to herself that she loves Tom after everything. Red and Liz share a warm embrace.

The biggest question of the night came when Tom visited Reddington and is given money and a new identity. Red tells him he can never see Liz again and Tom tells him that he never told her about them.

For a fall finale this was a very subtle episode. Usually, shows go for a bang (!) or a huge secret is revealed (!?). This episode was just a huge (?). I'm not even sure Red and Tom working together this whole time even makes sense. Why does Red want to control every aspect of Liz's life?

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P.S. Don't worry guys, I'll make sure to repost this when February comes around.

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