Thursday, November 20, 2014

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S1 E7

Another boy taken, but at least he may still be alive and possibly bleeding if we go by the medium.

Last week's episode starts off with Jack's funeral and the fame whore priest giving everyone a reminder that Jack was an innocent man. He also blames the cops for not helping.

Tom Miller has gone missing and everyone is out looking for him. I really don't blame Joe though. It was only 3 blocks and he was riding his bike among a bunch of kids. I think this boy left on his own accord.

I'm so happy Renee wasn't in this episode. If she was taken, I don't think anyone would care. But another outsider came instead--Carver's daughter. She didn't stay long, but it's kind of sad how she left. Her father was working on case of a missing boy and just because she stopped unannounced I might add, he's supposed to put a hold on everything and sit and chat with her. Why couldn't she just wait after his shift was over? Ugh, I will never get these types of characters on TV (Gotham, Jane the Virgin).

Meanwhile, Susan Wright knows something about Vince and it seems like all she wants in return is a boy for whatever twisted reason.

Anyway, they find the hiker who Jack saw and asked him some questions about both of the boys, but he only remembered Danny and really didn't help much other than tell us that Danny didn't want to stay at Gracepoint. We really need to take care of our veterans.

S1 E8
Well this episode was an unexpected surprise that I enjoyed very much. I love how close we're getting to the murder of Sam because I can tell you right now that lying fool needs to go. Let's get down to it.

Annalise tells Wes about dead girl being pregant hoping that he would keep it a secret, but boy yells it from the roof top. Okay I lied, he just tells Rebecca because he doesn't want any secrets between them. Too bad she was keeping a a secret from him as in she was telling Nate everything she knows. She didn't come clean to Wes until Wes caught her coming out of his car. Wes knows about Annalise's little boy toy, but what he doesn't know is that he is no longer playing with her anymore.

Wes was around, at least this time his pants stayed up the whole episode through. However, Laurel and Frank's did not. The car, really? When he went down on her and disappeared in front of the camera, I was wondering where did he go because I know cars aren't that big. Anyway, Laurel finds out Frank has a girlfriend and she knows about Frank's extracurricular activities. I don't know why Laurel should care. She has a boyfriend.

Michaela is dealing with some family issues, well maybe it's too soon to say that since she isn't family yet. Her mother-in-law is a fierce lady because she's being played by Lynn Whitfield and I've never seen this girl play nice in any of the characters she plays. What out Michaela! I have my money on the mom and Michaela will end up signing the pre-nup.

Meanwhile Asher was getting closer to Bonnie by consoling her and that girl needs a lot of consoling since Annalise fired her. I don't know why though. She kissed your husband yes, but she knew she was being played by him and told you what he did. We found out last episode that Bonnie saw dead girl that night and told her to leave. She figured out that Sam has known about the baby and he lied to both Annalise and her about not knowing anything about it. Just to make sure Bonnie didn't tell Annalise, Sam gave Bonnie what she thought she wanted from him--a kiss.

Remember people, the way you get them is the way they leave you.

Totally forgot about the case-of-the-week which was about a woman sleep walking, but was actually cleaning up the mess of her husband's killing of the nanny-hoe. Nanny-hoe just has a nice ring to it. It was a good case; however, in the real world, the mother would have to know who her lawyers were going to pin it on so she could agree to it because she could say no to accusing her husband. I wish this show was more realistic instead of going for the drama of it all.

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