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The Good Wife S6 E9 Review

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Viral Video: I love how we get the inside look into politics. Who knew it required so much acting, but if their target is to get his video to go viral funny is more likely than sad boo hoo musics.

Cary: The FBI want Cary to flip and he's being an idiot thinking it's a fake so he would turn on Bishop. I'm going to give Cary the benefit of the doubt and think he's acting an idiot since he has this jail thing lingering over his head and isn't thinking clearly. At first, I thought it was pathetic how Cary said girlfriend when speaking of Lana sleeping with Kalinda and I thought he was pathetic, but my father was right, it's just sad because Cary doesn't know what a girlfriend is. To actually think Kalinda was ever your girlfriend after what went down between you, especially when Kalinda specifically said they weren't even going steady, you have to wonder if Cary is on mushrooms again.

Kalinda: To the people that were worried about Robyn being fired, well she's not, so quit your b*tch*ng and start b*tch*ng about how she's never on the screen. Diane decides to go to Kalinda and ask for her to look into Bishop being there when the FBI said he was there and also if the tapes were fake. Kalinda suggests Cary getting a bodyguard.

Alicia: Prady shows up at F/A/L and gives Alicia an unopened box of her dirty secrets that he got from Castro. He tells Alicia he wants to win fairly by not going negative. Of course you hear this from your opponent, as they both agree that is what he is to her, and you automatically think he's tricking you, but Prady made a good point usually politicians say that to the media and he didn't go to the media, but to her. Prady gives her his personal number for her to call.

Cary: Kalinda shows up at Cary's apartment. They really don't follow this 30 feet rule at all. She introduces him to his new bodyguard and also informs him that the FBI was right about Bishop being at home coming back early from his trip.

Alicia: Alicia gives into temptation and opens the box and sees the familar picture of Finn walking out of her apartment and the picture of Alicia and Will together. Nothing she hasn't seen before until she sees the multiple pictures of Peter and Ramona, her old friend the lawyer. She seemed stunned to me, I wouldn't go as far as jealous, but as she said before, she didn't want to know about his affairs and now she knows. Is she more hurt that she knows the other woman is up for debate.

Viral Video: OMG, I died laughing at the dinosaur video that seriously would go viral. Let me also note that some people thought the video was just ridiculous, but I guess they don't know this wasn't an ad marketing on TVs this was an ad for the internet. You use two different tactics for these which is why they were making so many different types of videos for Alicia.

Alicia: Alicia tells Elfman about the box and what Prady said, but she lies about not taking a peek inside the box. Elfman repeats everything she has already suspected of Prady. She keeps the box though and we'll know why in a minute.

Cary: Cary and his new bodyguard run into Mr. Bishop and now Cary is worried that Bishop will think he's flipped.

Kalinda: Kalinda works on Lana to see if she can get her hands on the actual recording so she can test it.

Alicia: Alicia meets up with Prady even after her meet with Elfman. Prady tells Alicia he just wants a fair fight and that if anyone from his campaign or PAC breaks that, then she should call him directly so he can set them straight (see what I did there). Alicia decides to leave her number for him. Alicia then meets with Peter for their interview together, but before he shows up she talks to Ramona for a bit hinting at their affair by mentioning the late nights she's working. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this, but I actually like Ramona. She's just really likable. I mean, if I was Alicia I don't know if I could stand kissing her on the cheek, but as a person she just seems so nice. She even gives Alicia a demo of her band from back in the day. I would like to mention though that Ramona did come off as uncomfortable when Alicia and Peter were reiterating the first time they met. I have to say though I honestly do believe Alicia meant what she said about how she never had a happier moment in her life. Alicia visits Finn that night, but she stays true to the name of the show.

Kalinda: Lana gives Kalinda the tap and tells her she should take her more seriously because if she doesn't, then she shouldn't bother coming over. She tells Kalinda that she wouldn't mind seeing other people too.

Alicia: Alicia breaks it to Peter that she knows about his affair and he needs to end it. She clearly states she isn't jealous and the agreement is still on, it's just that he's been seen. Peter acts dumb as if he doesn't know what she's talking about. Man is a born liar, even when there is evidence of it. In his defense, he only saw the picture of him having dinner with her and not the one where his shirt was off, but still man lied. Alicia asks was he sleeping with her back when she was pregnant with Grace, he just tells her he's not sleeping with her now. So is that a yes? Peter thinks Alicia has him followed, but she reassures him that she doesn't give a crap about what he does, her opponent took the pictures. They are going to use the pictures against her and Peter and this time she won't be the good wife, not again (even though she still acting like one). Alicia reminds Peter he has just as much to lose if this gets out. His reelection, her election are all on the line and all he has to do is "zip up your pants, shut your mouth, and stop banging the help." Best line of the night. Alicia then shot her amazing take on Will's shooting. Finn visits Alicia this time. Alicia says she was in a weird mood and Finn asks if the mood is gone. She replies with the mood was worrisome because she's married and that's what makes it difficult, but Finn tells her it can be simpler if she makes it simple. Alicia then gets some bad news about her take on the shooting. Her dress is the same one Prady's mother is wearing. Who wore it best guys? Alicia then tries to re-shoot the scene, but the feelings just didn't come back to her.

Peter: Peter and Ramona kiss in the limo and admit to themselves that they're bad people. I actually think they make a lovely couple and am glad Peter is finally seeing someone else. I hope we see more of Ramona and I'm guessing they aren't going to put their affair on hold until elections are over. Alicia can't catch a break.

Cary: Cary keeps thinking about how he will die and so he gets this stupid idea that he needs to face his fear so he decides to see how Bishop is doing. Even the bodyguard thinks it's not a smart idea. He uses the evidence of Bishop saying "call" and "phone" as the reason of why the tap is a fake and therefore he should go over to his house and explain to him in person he wouldn't rat on him. I do love the Kings for addressing their weird writing style of writing phone instead of call. I remember back in season 1 days when everyone noticed it. I didn't, but after that I would sometimes catch them in the show. I was reading comments even then.

Alicia: Alicia, again, has another problem, but this time with a viral video of her, which is quite catchy to be honest. Everyone in her campaign thinks she should hit back with the dinosaur ad, but Alicia doesn't want to go negative. She calls Prady and he says it wasn't him, but his PAC and he'll see what he can do.

Cary: Kalinda phones calls Cary and tells him the tape is authentic and that he needs to leave Bishop's house. As evil as Bishop is, he has the cutest son ever. Anyway, Cary tells Bishop about everything, the FBI, the law firm giving him a bodyguard, the Bishop wants to kill him, everything. Cary asks point blank if it was fake. Bishop says no. He says as long as Cary doesn't hurt him, he won't hurt Cary. Cary reports back to Kalinda that Bishop didn't mean it. Kalinda had the same expression that I had which was WTF. This made me really think was Cary really on Bishop's payroll. He's so nonchalant about it all.

Kalinda: Kalinda goes over to Lana's apartment and tells her she does take it seriously.

Alicia: The press gets a hold of the dino video because Elfman kept telling them it was hot stuff. Alicia tells them to go with the first take on the shooting of Will because she doesn't care if her dress matches Prady's mother. Prady calls her telling her she's getting back at him, but this time it's different because her video came from her campaign. Alicia tells him it was leaked from her campaign. They realize that even though they both want to resist going negative it's hard to change other people's minds, especially when they're stuck in their ways.

Lana: Lana gets called in by her superior asking about the leaked tap and then the show ends. I'm guessing either Lana is going to be a stay-at-home mom and take care of her and Kalinda's babies or she'll be demoted, or even worse they'll reassign her in Alaska or somewhere far away. Maybe now she'll be able to leave with Kalinda when she has to go in hiding after killing her husband.

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