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S1 E7
I like that Forever has some continuity in it other than it's story-arc of Adam. We see Jo deal with Bullet Fever (when a cop freezes at shooting someone because they killed someone in the past). Jo shot the psychopath dad killer in the episode before this and now she's dealing with the repercussions of it. I thought she handled really well to be honest, but I'm glad we got to see Lt. Reese and her shoot it out at the end of the episode.

The case-of-the-week was a spin on I Know What You Did Last Summer except from the cops perspective. These kids, now adults, killed someone, but instead of the person not being really dead because he was, we found his body, the person who saw what happened that night by blackmailing the victim. But when the victim didn't want to pay anymore, this person killed him and that's how he became a victim. The weird part was why was everyone under this girl's spell. I mean they all wanted to bone her and she didn't do anything for them. She played them all and was still doing it well into adult years. But maybe the orange jumpsuit she'll have to wear, as well as all of them, will put a damper on things.

At home, the talk was about biggest secrets. We find out that Abe's biggest secret was not helping out his fellow men in the Vietnam war. Henry's was about the reason he no longer was a doctor. He had to choose between helping another man who was shot or hiding himself because he knew his own bullet wound would kill him. Guess which one he chose? He vowed to help people and he broke it. Hence, Henry no longer being a doctor.

S4 E6

So this was a nice fun episode. So a wannabe superhero actually teams up with our real superheros all too impress a girl. But it was really sweet to see how he missed the man in the suit so much that he tried to be him. The city needs a hero.

Root is nowhere to be seen, which is a little sad because I wanted to see some advancement on this whole "Tell Shaw..." but I guess I'll have to wait on that front.

Shaw, on the other hand, is busy being Finch this episode, which is a switch up from her usual role of being the babysitter.

Meanwhile, Finch is at a conference in Hong Kong where I thought he was just following his cover, but turns out he's there on a mission. Oh Finch, you are always one step ahead of me and one step ahead of Samaritan as well. I really thought he was digging the girl and I'm glad he was just targeting her because the romantic in me doesn't want him to forget about the artist. So Finch hires someone to steal this girl's laptop and his passport so the guy could install something to trace her computer. Finch was right to target her because Samaritan is very interested in her.

Case-of-the-week is about a truck full of guns in play and The Brotherhood and Elias both want it. These aren't just any regular guns, but high end so very valuable to anyone who gets their hands on it so much so that whoever has them will have the control and power of the city. In the end, the police destroy the guns so control is still under Elias, but for how long?

Side note: The math in me loved hearing about Euler's formula and Pythagorean identity. Both very good formulas.

S3 E6
Last time, Casey helped out his sister by getting Newhouse (why isn't he a regular yet?) to find some dirt on the mistress. In all fairness though, he did try the legal approach, but when his sister said she didn't want to fight her husband on who gets what, Casey took it upon himself to hurt the husband in a different way. Newhouse found out that the mistress is wanted in Alabama for sealing some rich daddy's money and when the kids sued her for it and won, she vanished. Because the husband had his money in the mistress's name to hide it from his wife, all Casey had to do was just call her and she would be gone in less than 60 seconds along with the husband's money. In the end, Casey's sister got what she wanted.

Severide and Brett tried to help out this lady--who had a drinking problem, but has been sober for 2 years and 3 months--to try and get her son back from child services, all due to a mix-up. At first, Severide was against it because he remembered when Shay got to close to a call and the guy blew his brains out, but it was with Brett's determination and telling him about how people deserve 2nd chances that made him change his mind. Eventually, the kid was reunited with his mother.

Dawson was getting run down by Herrmann because of his drills, but they did pay off in the end when Dawson used her skills on a call. As Herrmann put it, its my job to teach new firefighters how to become old ones.

Mills and Newhouse went on a job together to steal a dog and Mills was paid very well, so well that some of the firefighters wanted in on the action. But it's not always glamorous to be a private investigator, as we find out when Newhouse was hit with a bat by someone who was either hired hand or is from a previous case.

At the end of the episode, Severide went to Las Vegas on his own and started making out with some random chick. Is he still with the cop lady? Last time I checked, they were still together.

This week starts the crossover between Law & Order: SVU and Chicago P.D. so if you want the end result of today's episode, you will have to watch those two shows tomorrow as well.

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