Friday, December 12, 2014

Gracepoint S1 Finale Review

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S1 E10
So I was sort of on the right track as to who killed Danny, but in the end it was Tom. However, let me say this, Tom may have killed Danny, but he did not murder him. It was an accident. I swear all the shows I watch, no one ever commits murder. Tom was protecting Danny from Joe and when Danny wanted to stop Tom from swinging a paddle he ended up being hit by it and knocked dead. See, it was an accident.

Everything came full circle on the show. Ellie was Susan Wright for she too did not know what was going on in her own house. But for the record, pedophilia is not something you can detect unless someone is caught in the act or blatantly tells you. So you can't blame Ellie for not knowing, but we know Beth sure does. Ellie is also Carver because just like him, she would do anything to protect her sons. Carver didn't let anyone know about his wife's affair botching his last investigation and I doubt Ellie will let Tom go down for the "murder". She probably thinks Joe is where he belongs. I actually think that if they told the truth no one would go to jail. It was an accident that Danny caused by running towards a swinging paddle. You don't run up to someone from behind while they're swinging a bat. Life lesson.

Ellie plans to move since no one in their right mind would argue for her to stay when her husband is a killer pedophile in their eyes. Carver got in touch with his daughter and plans to get his heart surgery done. It's about frickin' time.

The Solanos finally were able to bury their son. Although they were able to get closure, we are still left to wonder, what Carver would do next. Man got all serious when he saw the video of Tom looking up at Joe and kept repeating the line "I never saw anyone else hit Danny". He most likely figured out Tom was there that night and the case isn't over yet. I think if Carver knew the truth he would understand since he did the same thing with his daughter in a way. However, the storyteller in  me thinks that even we, the viewers, don't know the full story of what went down that night and I'm afraid we will never find out since I'm pretty sure this show isn't coming back for another season since it's the lowest rated show on FOX.

With that said, I (a non-Broadchurch viewer) enjoyed watching this show tons. I'll probably give Broadchurch a go now.

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