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Resurrection S2 Midseason Finale Recap

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S2 E9
Okay so I'm not even sure this episode can be called the midseason finale since they only have 4 episodes left before the season ends. Unless they get a back order which I haven't heard. I'm not even sure this show will even get a 3rd season, but let's not worry about that now. Let's get into the last episode of the year.

Marty was sick the whole entire episode and Maggie was with him basically watching him die. Maggie found a cure now that Ray is better and all they needed was Rachael. The funny thing is they couldn't find Rachael since she was being kidnapped by her crazy lover's wife, who says she just wanted to protected Rachael and the baby. Marty came up with an idea to use the Rachael's dead body at the government has to use for their cure. Marty and Maggie drive over there and it turns out the government doesn't want to help the returns anymore when it comes to their health concerns. They left feeling defeated, but luckily the lady Marty reports to gave him some spare meds so Marty can live for a few more days. But seriously when are these 2 going to kiss already?

Janine told Rachael the news of Tom's death. Rachael immediately wanted to see him, but since Janine is on mother bear mode she wouldn't let Rachael out of her site. Eventually Rachael whacked her with a teapot so she could escape with her car. I almost thought Rachael would commit suicide again, but now that I think about it, I don't think she will when she has a baby to live for. And why hasn't Tom returned yet? I know he's not staying dead for long. He's probably making his way from China or wherever the hell he ended up to Arcadia.

Fred tracked down Carl the killer and he wasn't even mortified at the fact that he killed a person because to him Tom will just show up as a returned. But to Fred, murder is still murder and so Carl went to jail.

Henry broke the news to everyone that the deal for the factory was still on. Margaret then had to go to Fred to tell him to stop his brother from making a mistake since Henry wasn't listening to her. Fred did stop the deal, which I was a little bit disappointed in because I thought there was so much potential in this story and then they just up and end it like that with no revenge or consequence. It would have been way more interesting to see what would happen if Henry lost the house and see where they would go from there. So I'm guessing the factory isn't being remodeled anymore since Henry found out the truth about his family killing factory workers and burying the secret. She also came clean about making Barbara disappear. He kicked out Margaret out of the house and now she has no where to go.

Rachael wasn't the only one having a hard time with Tom's death. Lucille was having a difficult time as well. Jacob tried to cheer her up with a picture of him and Tom from back in the day, but it just made her sadder. Jacob wasn't as effected since he didn't know this Tom (the adult). When the Langstons went to a gathering for Tom, the haters against the return cult dropped by to cause a stir. Henry got involved and was pushed down by one guy. Lucille went to his aide and Fred tried to control the situation. Margaret showed up next to Jacob. Jacob told Margaret that he didn't want his parents in danger because of him and that maybe this was the moment Margaret was referring to when she said there will be a time when they too will have to disappear. They both leave together and then Lucille notices Jacob is missing and no one can seem to find him.

Did Jacob and Margaret disappear? I highly doubt it. Margaret is the type that won't leave until everything is exactly the way she wants it to be so I'm pretty certain she won't leave. As for Jacob, who knows. I just hope this show has a proper ending if it doesn't come back for a 3rd season.

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