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S1 E2
I feel as though the people that Cole works for have no idea what they are dong. They sent him to North Korea in 2006. Anyway, Cole does make it back to Railly's timeline. Railly's friend Anthony gets killed for asking too many questions. It's a warning for Railly to stop searching for answers.

Meanwhile, Cole is in a mental institution trying to get info from Goines's daughter Jennifer, who only likes primary numbers and 12 isn't primary, but 3, 2, and 2 are (3 x 2 x 2 = 12). My nerd side is showing. Aaron tells her about Cole and North Korea. Man was there for like a second. She tracks down Cole to the mental institute and that's when Railly meets Mr. Lavender again. Mr. Lavender takes Jennifer because she knows something about a room.

In the story so far, Cole keeps meeting people he's already met before, but he hasn't met them in his timeline yet. So I'm thinking Cole can still change the future, but it depends on what he does from here on out. As of right now, Cole's timeline hasn't changed enough to prevent the virus outbreak.

Day 2

Alan seems depressed as shit and we still don't know what he's doing there. He was probably was looking for Julia there and started to actually like it. Cults can do that to ya.

Peter is scared of his past experience with a virus. I still don't trust him and he can kick rocks for all I care. The new guy is...well still being the new guy. He did get sexually assaulted by one of the girl's on the island. Girl is deprived.

Sarah admits to Alan that she is pregnant with his child. Me on the other hand is trying to figure out how when she only had sex with Alan a few days before she became immortal. And how is she experiencing morning sickness? You don't experience that until your 6 weeks pregnant. Sarah has some explaining to do.

In the future, Julia is supposedly following Alan's clues one of them being a map on a hipbone. So Alan may or may not be dead. My money is on he's not. We still don't know what's the deal with this San Jose guy.

Kids on the island are being sacrificed to the infected and the boy was getting better too.

S3 E2
I was a little upset that they didn't do an intro like they did in the previous episode. I really liked it.

This was one graphic episode that I actually had to hide my face because I couldn't watch, but you know I had to peek. When it came down to Proctor's henchman and Nola, I had my money on Nola. Damn, that was a really good fight, and boy was I wrong. Her throat will forever be in my brain. I'm actually sad about her death. We didn't know her for long, but when she was on camera I loved every minute of her. I'm guessing with the death of Littlestone's brother and now Nola, this will enrage him even more. But I wonder who will feel the blow--Proctor or the noob cop.

Hood was captured and then again captured by some very large guy. Was that a fat suit? But I was never worried because Hood always knows how to get out of situations like that and even ended up saving the fed's life. He made the right decision. If Hood killed him some other fed would just come after him.

Proctor's mother wants him to find love and make sure his niece doesn't stay with him. Does she know? Maybe the walls are thin there. Proctor's father visited his sick wife in the end.

Sugar and Job were doing preparations for the heist by getting ids. Why do they need 6 though? There are only 4 of them.

Siobhan now knows Hood isn't Hood and this relationship is about to get more complicated and interesting. I liked Hood and Siobhan together, but still hold on to Carrie and Hood, but now I'm starting to root for Hood and Siobhan.

Carrie wasn't in this episode at all and with so much going on in this episode, she didn't need to be. I am however going to miss the fantasy of Carrie and Nola fighting it out. That would have been cool and hot to see.

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